Cleveland’s Comedy Uprising with Ramon Rivas II and the Accidental Comedy Club

The Bluesmen of The Parkview

Why do I keep coming here? It’s far from my house, I’m not a bar person, and driving down W. 58th is similar to what I imagine riding a pedal wagon down a Palestinian sidewalk must be like. But, as soon as I park and get out of the car, I start to hear the
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Norm Macdonald: An Appreciation

A Curated Collection of Norm at His Most Norm

Norm Macdonald’s memoir, Based on a True Story, went on sale this week, and his video podcast, which hadn’t had a new episode in over two years, finally returned last week. So, with Norm stepping back into the spotlight, let’s reflect on the career of the funniest problem gambler to ever host SNL’s Weekend Update.
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Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival


Films are running now through Friday at Shaker Square Cinemas. Workshops, “Meet The Actors” sessions and post-film receptions will be taking place all week in Shaker Square. WEWS-Channel 5 anchor Frank Wiley hosted GCUFF’s opening night at the Cleveland Museum of Art, introducing GCUFF Executive Director Donna Dabbs and Board Chairperson Alton Tinker. Local artist
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They’ll Give You the Shirts Right Off Their Backs

Local Brands Like GV Art + Design and We Bleed Ohio Are Clothing All of Cleveland

Due to the increasing popularity of clothing promoting civic pride in recent years, the number of brands selling these shirts has grown in both number and prominence. The secret to the success of the most popular of these tees is the artists behind them. They’re Clevelanders. They grew up here. They live and work here.
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The View From The Top

Tony DiCorpo of Troubadour Coffee Puts on a Masterclass

“I just want a cup of black coffee. And then I want to add cream and sugar. That’s how I’ve done it my whole life! Is there a Starbucks or something around here?” If you’re having this conversation with the white-bearded man behind the counter at Troubadour Coffee Roasters, just hear him out. That man
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The Vermin Endorsement

It’s been a weird election cycle to say the least. What has been at times the most comical, sensationalized, and tawdry of elections is kept in check by the daily reminder of how truly significant it remains. For the most part, PressureLife has stayed out of the political fray, but things are getting weird. With
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Coming up Occult

Actually… you know what? We’ll come back to that. Let’s start this a few days earlier, in the back of a record store in Tremont. I’m talking with some local paganists while The Velvet Underground plays in the background. Lou Reed doesn’t make it to the second verse in “Venus In Furs” before we explore
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recent articles

The New (Avant) Guard

Wildly Innovative and Internationally Acclaimed, Now Only If Cleveland Would Pay Attention…

Kasumi has a right to be concerned. When we talk, the avant garde filmmaker recounts the times local press clumsily portrayed her life’s work as “something akin to coloring books.” She is not the first local artist we’ve covered concerned over misrepresentation, but she is, by far, the most criminally underappreciated. Both a MacDowell and
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Exposing America

A Conversation With Cleveland-Based, World-Renown Artist/Activist/Photojournalist Seph Lawless

His work has since become a global phenomenon that now includes several books, television news appearances, and art museum exhibitions. He has photographed everything including an abandoned NASCAR track in North Carolina and eerily-silent amusement parks from New Orleans all the way to Berlin. Lawless spoke with PressureLife about his upcoming projects, including gigs with
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All Dinosaurs

Written and recorded mainly by guys that would sooner bail a stranger out of jail than be caught tipping under 20 percent, the band’s new full length album, Total Dissatisfaction, is set to be released on Oct. 7. Thematically, the album is simply a marked and functional improvement of concepts and raw feels that all
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TOTAL REVIEW – Blair Witch

– CIM #1016 – “Blair Witch” – 89 mins. – release: September 16th, 2016 – After being retrofit with the latest prototype motion technology, I take the new tech for walk through the woods behind the lab. A few clicks in, I find a portable cim unit on the stump of a fallen tree. Creepy?
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The Weekly Politic: Hypocrite Oath

It’s been a rough go for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton these past two weeks. Both candidates in an election cycle, regardless of their relation to one another in the polls, will jockey back and forth trading lead from week to week. This oscillation is only exacerbated by twenty-four hour news programs padding stories to stretch
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