[intro-text size=”25px”]In for a scream, boys and ghouls?! Saturday October 17th, Capitol Theater is scaring the pants off Cleveland movie lovers with their 6th annual 12 Hours of Terror. This epic marathon features a mix of both classic and obscure horror films, so don’t be afraid to take this chance to see them up on the big screen! Let’s take a look at the freaky films they’ve got lined up for us this year.[/intro-text]



Forget The Walking Dead. Director George Romero’s original 1968 zombie nightmare was the one that started it all. The plot follows a group of survivors holed up in a farmhouse, desperately trying to avoid the sudden undead outbreak surrounding them. Naturally, shit its the fan, and people die (and die again). The film still holds up decades later, and if you haven’t seen it, the shocker ending alone is worth the price of admission.


Another Romero classic, and this time he teamed up with legendary horror author Stephen King for his screenwriting (and actorial) debut. A 1982 horror anthology with a comedic twist, Creepshow tells five tales that guarantee to, well… creep you out, with monsters, meteors, and murder as just a few of the elements used to make you squirm. Despite a few genuine scares, this one’s a load of fun from start to finish, and earns bonus points for featuring rad visuals effects from guru Tom Savini.


Pumpkinhead is possibly one of the most underrated movie monsters of all time. Perhaps a series of shitty sequels didn’t help solidify his place among iconic film beasts, but the original 1988 Pumpkinhead will always hold a special place in my heart. Lance Henrikson stars as a man hell-bent on revenge, and with the help of a gypsy he summons the titular demonic force, who’s head happens to be shaped like massive gourd. It’s just about as crazy as it sounds.


Made in 2005, this makes The Descent the newest film on the docket, but don’t discredit it for that reason. It’s arguably one of the freakiest horror flicks of the mid-noughties. A group of badass women spelunk into a cave, get lost, and start getting picked off and scarfed down one at a time by what would be best described as C.H.U.D. (cannibalistic humanoid underground dwellers). The film is dark, claustrophobic, terrifying, and enough of a reason to never go cave diving.


This is by far the most obscure of the bunch. Buried right in there with Friday the 13th The Burning, Sleepaway Camp, and countless other summer camp blood bath flicks, this little gem from 1982 follows yet another killer on the loose at a camp, ruining everyone’s summer. While it sounds like another Cropey-fueled 80’s slasher, don’t let the seemingly tired plot fool you, this one holds its own. In this case, it’s holding an axe.


John Landis’ 1981 classic is guaranteed to be many horror hounds’ favorite werewolf movie of all time. For starters, a couple of college guys from America get brutally attacked by a werewolf while on tour in Britain. For the rest of the film we follow our protagonist David as he deals with his new affliction: he’s a werewolf, haunted by his victims. Everything about this film is top notch, but FX master Rick Baker’s werewolf transformation scene is downright incredible.

Go check out this fright-fest from 8:00PM on October 17th through 8:00AM on October 18th, and make it to the end for a special secret bonus movie!

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