A Creative Guide To Creating – Installment One: Find Your Center

James Earl Brassfield

As false truths, unknowns, and the dead stack up, so does your Netflix watch again list. If you’ve been home as long as most people you’ve seen it all. You’ve listened to Audible until your head is ready to explode with the thoughts of what the Comanches were capable of doing. Stop!

If you want your right-brain to thrive in this terrible time, you need to find your center. Take a second and think about what you missed the most. It doesn’t sound as if this exercise is productive or helpful. You might feel angry. You may be scared of the unknown and the dead. The most important thing is that you plan on waking up tomorrow and everything that you put aside to do will still be there waiting for you. 

Should you be granted another day in this fucked up life, you will still have shit to do. You will still have bills to pay and you still definitely need to call your mother. For your writer, as creative the center is intensely knowing tomorrow is another day. Things will be normal or they won’t, but no matter what you should expect to be here to see what’s next. 

The government’s not ready to let us give up our jobs or start giving a shit about us anytime soon. All we can do is look for something to keep us motivated. In our day-to-day lives, it’s okay to lose it. We’re dealing with heavy shit. Unsocialized, our hands hurt from washing. And yes!, you definitely are having a panic attack behind your mask. When those kinds of thoughts pop up, get centered. Your center can become a crutch, so you have to make sure that you’re using it as a grounding tool rather than an escape. 

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We must face the situation around us. It’s also imperative that we keep our sanity. When you’ve had enough or when you can’t take anymore, set aside time to sit down or run or craft. We do these things to help figure out where we are in the world around us. You need to sort out who you are – not your partner or not your mom who you definitely still need to call! 

You need to determine where you want to go and also what’s next for you. If you’re still working or if you’re laid off and looking for work, that’s as good as having a job! You won’t make any progress unless you find a way to focus up. A lot of what we create is going to end up in the garbage – this isn’t a very inspiring time after all – but if there’s one thing we have it’s a lot of free time. Now it’s time to find your center and make something.

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