When a customer walks into a Rising Star cafe and asks how to enjoy better coffee at home, John Johnson says, “Buy an Aeropress. Just get an Aeropress right now. You’ll be so happy.” Johnson is like most of us shortly after waking up. Coffee snob or not — he just needs his coffee. And the Aeropress is his method of choice when he’s too groggy to face the world. You can make an excellent cup in under a minute simply by following the directions on the box. The Aeropress is very forgiving, endlessly hackable, and nearly indestructible. Loved by coffee professionals and Average Joes alike, and at around 30 dollars a pop — what have you got to lose? Here’s how the pros at Rising Star use the Aeropress in shop.

Step 1: Dose. Weigh 36g of coffee and grind fine, slightly finer than table salt.

Step 2: Filter. Place paper filter in the filter cap; rinse.

Step 3: Brew Part 1. Set up Aeropress in inverted position on the scale. Using funnel (if needed), add grounds. Add 130g of fresh hot water, just off the boil (205 degrees).

Step 4: Brew Part 2. Start timer and stir for 30 seconds. Secure filter cap in place. Let sit for additional minute.

Step 5: Plunge. At 1:30, carefully flip Aeropress to sit on top of mug or glass. Using steady pressure, plunge; plunging should last for about 20 seconds.

Step 6: Dilute. Dilute with 210g of hot water, and enjoy!

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