[intro-text size=”25px”]Deep in the fiery pits of an uninspired musical hell, All Dinosaurs has clawed its way out from under a massive graveyard of bands featuring Gibson SG’s purchased with Mom and Dad’s credit card and clumsy power chords that hammer into your skull with all of the poise and technical skill of Jake Harper playing “Smoke On The Water” over and over again on Two and a Half Men.[/intro-text]

Written and recorded mainly by guys that would sooner bail a stranger out of jail than be caught tipping under 20 percent, the band’s new full length album, Total Dissatisfaction, is set to be released on Oct. 7.

Thematically, the album is simply a marked and functional improvement of concepts and raw feels that all four of the Dinos have experienced in their own lives as well as witnessed in the lives of others. They explore the anxieties of feeling anxious and being anxious about whether or not the level of anxiety they’re feeling is an appropriate response for what’s made them anxious in the first place.

You can sit in your basement and dream up vague-ass glittering generalities that appeal to everyone on the basis of directly and deeply applying to no one in particular, and I’m sure Pitchfork would love to have you, or you can just be honest and try to tell people what the fuck is going on and hope that you’re not the only person in this oft-godforsaken city that can relate. All Dinosaurs fills a gaping void of technical skill in a scene marred by people who stylistically identify as being” fast as shit” and “heavy as hell” without being able to construct anything more than a Trump wall of meaningless noise.  If anyone deserves to exceed the designation of simply “locally popular,” it would be these guys.

Total Dissatisfaction itself is an 11-track condemnation of pretty much everything including the creators of the songs themselves. I suppose you could probably have figured that out had you bothered to read the name of the album before pushing play on Spotify, but that bit of music listeners’ etiquette is about as dead as the genre All Dinosaurs refuses to be identified with and have continually been forced to escape. The erroneous assumption that hard, fast, and loud can make up for a glaring lack of skill, practice, and clever writing is thankfully not an ailment from which this band suffers—an assessment which it is highly recommended you confirm at the album release show on Oct. 7 at Happy Dog West.

All Dinosaurs Album Release Show

All Dinosaurs consists of four gentleman of varying hair length: Bo Bowersmith, Dave Gibian, Gheramy Demery, and Mike Burrows. Their new album, Total Dissatisfaction (Wax Mage Records and Tape Haus Tapes) will be released with a special album release show being performed at Happy Dog West on Oct. 7 to a crowd of people that are bound to share their cranky disdain for the world around them.

The Label: Wax Mage Records

Wax Mage Records, the side project of Gotta Groove vinyl pressers Sarah Barker and Heather Gmucs, isn’t simply an average startup record label, but rather an art project done with custom and often colorful record pressings that morphed into a legitimate redefinition of how bands present their work to the general public. Much of the reinvigorated popularity of vinyl deals not just with the sound quality, but the aesthetic connection of a personal collection, a feeling that’s heightened by the individuality of a custom release. Some have decried the use of custom vinyl for “driving up prices,” but the ability the Wax Mage women give bands like All Dinosaurs to stand out in a sludgy sea of bullshit is invaluable.

Also on Wax Mage: Goldmines

If Best Coast stopped whining long enough to write a decent song, you’d have Goldmines, a garage band consisting of Clevelanders Mandy Look, Jeanna Lax, Roseanna Safos, and Wax Mage artist Heather Gmucs. Their self-titled EP was released on Wax Mage and Quality Time Records in May 2016 and consists of five songs that capture the lighter side of playing music in a city that can sometimes make you want to buy a microphone just to scream into it for 30 minutes.

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