[intro-text size=”25px”]Fear the Beast, Love the Sausage[/intro-text]

The winters in Gordon Square (near Westside Shoreway) are as, if not more, brutal than the rest of our fine city. The proximity to the lake and the lack of tall buildings leads to stronger gusts and more dangerous snows than some of it’s more southern cousins. But still the neighborhood persists, and thrives in fact. This daring neighborhood has opened many fine restaurants and bars, from XYZ to Spice to Stone Mad, all offering a variety of different cuisines and atmospheres. But recently, one brave business has opened its doors, directly challenging the natural predator of the area. With snow dusting it’s doorsteps, Banter Bottles Sausage and Poutine has challenged the Abominable Snowman.

Knowing full well the consequences of their actions, Banter opened their doors on 74th and Detroit, enlisting Chef Adam Lambert as their first line of defense against the yeti. The wisdom in this decision is immeasurable, as the yeti’s first insatiable thirst is for sausage, and Goddamn do they have it. The Duck Dog is an incredibly savory delight, sure to stay the massive monsters rampage as he tears through the first of Banter’s three rooms. With a perfectly crunchy bun and sweet carrot slaw topping, the albino beast will have to pause to appreciate. Equally interesting and demanding of the Snowman’s attention is the Rabbit Pot Pie, a glorious testament to the word “Poutine,” savory, fascinating, and beautiful. The “Vladimir Poutine” is a great pun, but inevitably the beast will treat it as the over-thought joke that it is.

Full and distracted on it’s way through the three rooms of the new restaurant, the beast of the Himalayas (and the Flats) lands in the wine and beer rooms. This foolish beast could only be expected to pick what it knows from their fine selection, as cans of Underwood Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris are cracked and spread asunder. Also, bottles of Ballast Point are certain to be found among the wreckage. However, the yeti may be surprised to find a smaller selection of local brews available. Now thoroughly drunk, the beast may in fact sleep, with minimal employee limbs removed. Mostly satisfied, but hoping that the selection of wine and beer grows.