PressureLife vs. Mahall’s

PressureLife Takes on Mahall’s in a One-Sided Bowling Showdown

Until recently Cleveland was known as a town that could embrace a loser.

But with the Cavs and Indians enjoying so much recent success—and the Browns being so bad they are unwatchable—maybe you are in need of another lovable loser to embrace. If that is the case, look no further than the staff that brings you this free, bimonthly, full-gloss periodical.

In the second installment of Pressure vs…, a terrible idea we had where our staff takes on local businesses or celebrities in various feats of athleticism or skill, we decided to challenge the good folks over at Mahall’s Twenty Lanes to a good ol’ fashion bowl off.

When we took on Happy Dog in a hot dog eating contest a couple months ago, the only thing on the line was bragging rights, but this time around, the stakes were a little higher. A very confident Mahall’s team offered to cover the printing costs for this issue of PressureLife, which is a pretty hefty sum. If Mahall’s won, we were on the hook for a round of beers.

How did things go? All beers were put on the PressureLife tab.

Comprised of bossman Jim Bacha, art director Hannah Allozi, illustrator Aaron Gelston, and writer Adam Dodd, the PressureLife team played with great spirit and followed all the rules! Unfortunately, our team was only able to knock over 377 combined pins.

On the other hand, Adam Lewis, Chris Chabek, Chris Shestina, and Daryl Shestina of Team Mahall’s fared just a tad bit better with an overall score of 763, more than doubling up Team PressureLife. To paraphrase Jim Croce, “You don’t tug on Superman’s cape. You don’t spit into the wind. And you don’t bowl against a bunch of big bearded guys who work at a bowling alley.”

Unfortunately, we bit off a little more than we could chew by taking on the Mahall’s team. But, Mahall’s beer is pretty cheap, so we still had enough cash on hand after we paid off the bet to order up some of their famous fried chicken. So, the night wasn’t a total loss.

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