When the undead roam the streets of Cleveland, there’s only a handful of good places to make your new home. You need shelter, warmth, and protection. More importantly you need good beer, draft wine and savory pig meat. No one wants to disembowel zombies on an empty stomach. There’s only one bar you’ll find us getting fat and drunk in after the End of Days. This is Pressure Life’s review of Butcher and the Brewer (in the Zombie Apocalypse).

Butcher and the Brewer offers many amenities for the zombie apocalypse survivor. First, it sports a well-trained staff of butchers, handy with the various knives and cutting tools of their trade. The typically large, manly kitchen staff also gives off an air of toughness and reliability, which will be useful when keeping the peace between survivors. Given the inevitable breakdown of government resources, the quality and safety of water will become an issue. We will survive as the ancient Egyptians did when their water was polluted—drink more beer. The Butcher does all of their brewing in house, so there should be a few months of clean (and really good) beer to keep us going after the water turns brown. I recommend the Stop Hop Kaboom IPA in your time of drought.

There are a few areas of concern which should be noted, namely the large floor-to-ceiling windows that cover the front of the establishment. Not only do they allow the zombies to see in to the safe haven, but also the other survivors who have yet to find shelter—they can be equally as dangerous as the infected.  It should also be noted that the bar is quite spacious, and could easily house a large number of Z-day refugees. While that may seem like a positive, it could quickly become a negative as food and other resources begin to dwindle; the larger the group, the more likely internal conflict becomes. Perhaps the greatest danger of holing up at Butcher and the Brewer—the delicious aroma of cooked meat which constantly wafts in from their kitchen and immediately engulfs the senses. As delightful as it is to customers, it would only be more enticing to our undead counterparts.

All issues aside, Butcher and the Brewer is where you can expect to find me in the days after the Outbreak. With that kind of stress, I’m going to need a few excellent craft beers, some succulent lamb ribs, and maybe even one of those specialty cocktails. Butcher and the Brewer: 4 out of 5 putrid zombie pigs.