[intro-text size=”25px”]The thing I enjoy most about comedy is that there really is no limits to what you can and cannot do. If it works great! And if it doesn’t, you can move on to the next thing or work on it until it does.[/intro-text]

In a scene full of many people who I’d consider to be straight stand­up performers, some comics find themselves taking a different route, and Chad Weaver has stuck out to me as one of those comics. Weaver is unique in the sense that he will try just about anything, from traditional stand­up to dropping pots and pans for six minutes, which might sound weird, but I’d be lying if I said the dude doesn’t make it work.

Performing most recently in the Whiskey Bear Comedy Festival and even organizing his own shows throughout Cleveland and Akron, the work he does is great and you would be missing out if you didn’t take the time to check it out. From stand­up performances to video and live sketches, he goes for it all, even falling in love with chairs.

You can catch Weaver Tuesdays with a line­up of other great comics at Hilarities 4th Street Theatre on the Mike Polk Jr. Show Live!

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