This winter, one Lakewood bard decided that it needed plenty of Christmas cheer to go along with all the Christmas beer.

On Black Friday, Around the Corner Saloon & Cafe officially opened The Christmas Corner Bar, a pop-up establishment dedicated to the spirit of the of the season so that patrons could enjoy a few drinks like every day is Dec. 25.

“I got the idea from my mother-in-law [Dr. Faith Kittoe],” Owner and General Manager Ryan Krivosh says. “She gave me the idea because their family loves Christmas, so she and my wife both came to me and said, ‘You’ve got to do this.’”

The Christmas Corner is located in the original Around the Corner space where Krivosh’s dad first opened the establishment up in 1974. It’s mainly used as an attached party room to the bar, so Krivosh and his crew spent a full night decorating the space to make it appropriately festive.

So far, Krivosh hasn’t encountered many grinches. When the The Christmas Corner opened at 5 p.m. Black Friday, the line was out the door. According to Krivosh, people of all ages are coming in check out the bar and enjoy some themed karaoke, Christmas beers, and specialty cocktails before the holidays arrive.

In addition to spreading plenty of holiday cheer, a percentage of the proceeds from The Christmas Corner Bar will go to different Lakewood-based charities. A different charity will benefit each week the bar is open. These include My Best Friend’s Bowl, Lakewood Earth And Food (LEAF), H2O (Help To Others), and Trinity Lakewood Community Outreach. Donation jars will also be on the bars until the The Christmas Corner closes Dec. 26, just in case patrons are willing to offer up some charitable gifts of their own.