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CLE-che dates

CLE-che dates

Ahhh, summertime in Cleveland. Is there anything better than the warm breeze coming off Lake Erie paired with the 47 days a year that we’re lucky enough to experience sunlight?

Summer is the perfect season to casually get to know someone while sipping bloody marys on a West 25th Street patio as you secretly judge your date’s choice of brunch spot. We love ourselves some outdoor dating activities, so I’ve broken down two of the best cliche local summer date spots. “CLE-che” dates if you will. See what I did there? I’m an artist and I paint with words. Okay, here we go.

Indians Game: “We are underway here at the corner of Carnegie and Ontario!” Oh Tom Hamilton, how your sultry, dulcet tones resonate with the perfection that is a Cleveland summer. I highly recommend taking a date to a Tribe game, but it can be a little tricky. Go for The District standing room only tickets on this one. For only $15, you get admission and a free domestic beer. 

Three-plus hours with someone you don’t know well and the slow pace of America’s Pastime could work out either great or absolutely terrible. Your date may appreciate your ability to plan a great time without breaking the bank and, by the top of the fourth, you’re sharing helmet nachos. If you find yourself with some monster who doesn’t know the words to “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” or cheers for Mustard during the hot dog race, you’re only out $30.

If your date shows up in white cutoff jean shorts, red bodysuit with a flannel tied around her waist, and shoes that clearly aren’t meant for walking all day, you better have some hashtags in mind. You’re about to spend half an hour taking pictures of her on that infamous block C. Take a deep breath. Remember, you’re doing this so that other guys can tell her how hot she is on the internet. 

Edgewater Live: Every Thursday night through August, the Cleveland Metroparks line up food trucks, beer stands, and live music at Edgewater Beach. Sunset on the beach, cold local brews, and a cover band blaring “Don’t Stop Believing” – I don’t mean to get all Chandler Bing on you, but could it be any more romantic? 

Brand new to the relationship? Perfect! You’ll get to see what type of person your date is when he or she has to wait 25 minutes for a beer. Quick tip – if you get all the way to the front of the line and and hear your date say “Oh, I haven’t even looked, what do you recommend” to the sweaty, aggravated, and most likely hungover bartender, run. No need for a second date with someone who can’t be bothered to make a quick decision and not hold up the line any further. Conversely, put a ring on it if your date walks away double fisting grapefruit Whiteclaws. That person is a health conscious planner with great taste.

Been together eight years? Awesome! Make sure to mistime the Uber so that you get stuck in traffic and by the time you get there, the only food truck that hasn’t sold out is vegan. Now that you have an empty stomach, drink six IPAs with your significant other and bring up some shit from eight months ago. It’s your job to make this event as awkward as possible for everyone around you. 

Veteran couples who stopped counting? Let’s be honest, you’re not going out – especially on a Thursday. Just mull around the idea while shouting at each other from different rooms before you ultimately spend what’s left of that Olive Garden gift card on take out. Besides, you’re four episodes behind on America’s Got Talent and need to know what happens with the kazoo band that dresses like princesses.  

Whether it’s an afternoon at the ballpark or a romantic night at the beach, Cleveland is full of great summer date options that are sure to help you decide if spending the winter with that Hinge match is worth it.

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