[intro-text size=”25px”]As we get older and our friends get lamer, becoming full-blown homebodies, it can be difficult when you’re out there on your own in search of a new group of like-minded buddies.[/intro-text]

If only there was a way to network with other young professionals without forgetting about it come morning because you were all three sheets to the wind at the local watering hole. Perhaps a place with a fun, competitive atmosphere, where diverse and lively people come together to celebrate their favorite recreational activities. Well that place exists, and it’s called Cleveland Plays.

Founded by John Teel and Doug Bielinski, this co-ed sport and social club has been fostering a fun and friendly athletic community in Cleveland for almost fifteen years. The company isn’t just about sports, but promoting friendships, networking, and new experiences for those up to the challenge. Through Cleveland Plays, there are dozens of possibilities.

While football and volleyball tend to be their biggest draws, their selection of available leagues is staggering and include almost anything you could dream of playing; soccer, kickball, floor hockey, bocce, ultimate frisbee, cornhole, whiffle ball, basketball, tennis, bowling, euchre and more. For those interested in finding a team or group to game with, the company website offers a dedicated classified section to unite aspiring athletes.

Over the years Cleveland Plays has branched out, teaming with local businesses to help host and accommodate their rapidly growing following. For a company promoting both athleticism and nightlife, downtown bar and sports facility Mulberry’s was a perfect fit for collaboration. After emerging from a variety of local fields, courts, and complexes, it’s not unusual to find Cleveland Plays members unwinding post-match at a nearby pub.

After some nasty weather delays, the spring/summer season finally kicked off with hundreds of local athletes coming out for competitive co-ed flag football. But don’t worry, it’s not too late—co-ed softball, soccer and beach volleyball leagues are still open for registration and are scheduled to begin in the coming weeks. Keep your eyes peeled for future Cleveland Plays events, and if the mood strikes you, find a team and jump in the game.