[intro-text size=”25px”]Not too long ago Chef Dante Bocuzzi decided to open his fourth enterprise, this one on Professor Ave in Tremont. Tucked down in the basement, Coda is a low-ceilinged, red lit little music venue, with a square footage less than your average one bedroom and a bar the size of a thimble. Around about 600 BC, Hercules kicked the shit out of the Hydra. And ever since then, he’s been wandering around picking on anyone he thinks he can handle. Now, he’s got his eyes on Coda, the new kid on the block.[/intro-text]

When the Hydra slides down the steps and into the subterranean music space, one of his heads is definitely headed to the bar. There it finds a decent selection of craft beers, shitty domestics, a few cocktails, and enough fernet to satiate an army of bartenders. Now thoroughly distracted, Head One is gonna be held up for a while, as it works it’s way through a Doctor Funk #2, a beautifully balanced drink with just the right amount of Absinthe. In the meantime, Head Two wanders up to the front to take a look at what’s going on with the crowd. Looking at the graffiti mural behind the stage, he mutters under his breath “fucking yuppies.” But, when he actually looks at the show calendar and notices upstart bands like Duo Decibel, Fever Child, and Bullfighter, along with some decent touring acts like Farnsworth, and some local favorites like The Suede Bros, Head Two has to concede that it’s a pretty legitimate venue.

As Head Three heads towards the bar, it realizes that One is now trashed and hitting on one of the bartenders, and Two is engaged in a heated discussion about whether or not punk is dead on the other side of the room. Three’s also gotten a little hungry. The food menu is pretty small, all bar food with Bocuzzi flair added. The funniest fare being a grilled cheese sandwich with spicy Cheetos, cooked in a waffle iron. After Three munches pleasantly on the bizzaro bites, it has decided that One, who now can barely talk and should probably stop shooting Ferraris with that guy in suspenders, should probably go home. The Hydra stumbles out of the basement, not quite sure why he was there in the first place, but pretty sure he will be back. PressureLife Magazine gives Coda 85 out of 108 poisonous fangs.