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Colemine to release a treasure trove of soul for RSD

Colemine to release a treasure trove of soul for RSD

Based out of Loveland, Ohio, Colemine Records is a stunning neo-soul label that boasts an embarrassment of riches. Pound for pound, there are few other labels so overstocked with the next big things of the respective genres.

Soul Slabs Volume 2 is a Record Store Day exclusive available April 13th that offers a showcase of Colemine’s heavy hitters. Here’s a glimpse of the top ten tracks that we’ve been spinning around the office, all of which will be available on the triple vinyl release.


10) Monophonics “Bang Bang” Wet horns and a throaty vocals deliver a crackling rendition of Bang Bang, delivered with brassy urgency.

9) Gripsweats “Gripsweats Theme” They’ve got their own theme song for god’s sakes. A soulful jazzy number that offers both casual swagger and buzzing guitar work for a real smooth punch-up.

8) A.J. and the Jiggawatts “It is What it Is” Leave it to A.J. and the Jiggawatts to sum up essentially the whole creed of us journalists in their title line, “it is what it is / ain’t what it ain’t.” This is just a great, bouncy, funk slammer.

7) The Flying Stars of Brooklyn, NY “My God has a Telephone” A beautiful retro-influenced falsetto driven that is immediately timeless. A wonderful sing-along number that balances simplicity and elegance in its composition.

6) The Dip “Sure Don’t Miss You” Go through a breakup recently? Need that punch in the arm to get you going? Put this track on. This is a total redemption number that is fun, bright, and challenges the brokenhearted not to smile.

5) Black Market Brass “War Room” Okay, no more messing about. This one kicks the door in from the opening bar and doesn’t let up. The track is a driving conflagration of brass that leads the charge. This is your rally track.

4) The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble “Aragon” You like numbers with wild saxophone, i mean wild, wild saxophone? Get on this jazzy track. Now.

3) Kelly Finnigan “I Don’t Want to Wait” This song… My goodness. Seriously, this is a master class in taking classing roots and cultivating one hell of a garden. The female-driven refrain comes in with such precision. Everything is just so on with this one.

2) Leroi Conroy “Tiger Trot” Driven by pulsing drums and serpentine horns, “Tiger Trot” unravels like a silk ribbon. All fancy like.

1) Jungle Fire “N.U.S.A.U” Think you’re cool? Think you’re fast? Think you’re smooth? Think you’re four minutes and nineteen seconds of pure unadulterated “come get this”? Nah, that’s all Jungle Fire. If James Bond was cool, like, actually cool, this would be his theme song.

While not the whole kit and kaboodle, you can check out some of the tracks on the label’s Spotify playlist at:


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