[intro-text size=”25px”]The Cozy Up! Collective, attached to Native Cleveland in the Waterloo Arts District, is putting on their second show, Show II, this Friday from 6-9 pm.[/intro-text]

I was able to attend their first show, and not knowing what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised. Now this isn’t the type of show that you’re going to spend hours walking through analyzing each piece, although I guess you could. Instead, this show provides the audience with an opportunity to view each curated piece in just an instant, because all of the art is hung on one wall, almost like some sort of pseudo-Pinterest board or a real life Big Cartel page.

The gallery also has what they call the “corner shop” where artists can sell additional goods that aren’t featured up on the wall, including prints, zines, ceramics, jewelry and more. So, if you’re looking for something to do before a night on the town, I would highly recommend stopping in. And for god sakes, buy something—the term “starving artist“ exists for a reason.

Featured Artists:

Anna Troyer, Nancy Mungcal, Nicole Schneider, Matthew Labyk, Joe Lanz, Carly Bartel, Paul Christopher, Patu Phan, Derek Maxfield, Erin Guido, Addie Cheges, Ani Simpson, Mai Ly Degnan, Christopher Darling, Justin Will, Katy Mitchell, Amber Esner, Zach Montoya, Anthony Koch, Phoebe Thomas, Adam Markanovic, Abigail Clark, Rob Benigno, Jordan S. Fine & Juliette Crosson


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