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My dad says the government is going to take away something called Net Neutrality.

He says that is what keeps the internet fair for everybody who uses it. He says “President Trumphole” doesn’t even understand the internet and that he only wants to give big companies a “handjob.” I think he means “handout.” He gets very angry about it.

I asked him why he was so angry and he told me that the cable company will be able to charge us more for a fast lane. I guess this is like the part of the highway that my dad is always driving in and yelling at other drivers to “Move the F over!” and “Get the F out of my way!.” I am not sure what this means for the internet. I guess it means more slow people we can’t pass. Either way, we don’t have a lot of money and can’t afford to use the fast lane internet thing. Plus, there is nobody else to get internet from where we live, so he say’s we’re “Up Schitt’s Creek without a paddle.” I asked him who “Schitt” was and what he did to get his own creek, but dad told me not to worry about it.

He also says that without Net Neutrality it will be harder for people with new ideas to be successful if they can’t afford to pay for the fast lane. Not just that, but the big companies can stop new little companies from being able to compete! My dad is upset about this because he’s got a big idea that’s going to make us rich one day. He’s going to invent a website for people who want to marry some kind of special “grown-up” dolls. I don’t like dolls, I like video games. Dad says not to tell anyone about his doll website so they don’t steal his idea.

Dad says that without Net Neutrality, the internet companies and government can read what he is doing and block his traffic if they don’t like it. Dad likes to argue with people about “President Trumphole” on the internet. Sometimes after he argues with people, he watches naked people on the computer. It kinda looks like the naked people are fighting, but not exactly. Usually people who are fighting punch more, like in boxing. I guess dad likes all different kinds of fighting and doesn’t want the government to tell him who he can fight with on the computer.

In conclusion, Net Neutrality is really important and dad says everyone needs to write the FCC and tell them not to change the rule but that people are lazy and probably won’t do anything and the internet is going to be terrible soon.