Born and raised in Lyndhurst, Trisha Previte was drawn to the world of drawing for as long as she can remember.

Thanks to a clever idea from her mother, Trisha inscribed her age and the date on each page of her many sketchbooks which she held onto, resulting in an epic time capsule of art through the years. Some of Trisha’s early drawings features animals, Pokemon, and Sailor Moon, and while she still draws animals, Trisha’s illustrating prowess has since evolved into a masterful display of fine aesthetic artistry.

Trisha gained a strong artistic foundation in high school and later moved onto traditional artist training, learning to draw observationally and pull her inspiration from life. It’s no wonder that Trisha has sought to explore the world. She’s ventured to places such as Madagascar, Switzerland, and Thailand, and her travels have helped her grow as both an artist and a human. Residing in Tremont these days, Trisha is pumped to be back Cleveland as a full-time graphic designer by day and working on a variety of commissions and passion projects by night.

Trisha has tackled a wide range of subjects, including murals, pet portraits, and man buns, all while doing illustrations for online storyteller haven The Rumpus ( and participating in gallery shows through Light Grey Art Lab out of Minneapolis (, which hosts themed shows for illustrators around the world and distributes their art online.

One of Trisha’s most excellent works is her stunning offering for the 100 Day Project, an annual creative challenge led by artist Elle Luna. For the project, Trisha illustrated one endangered species every day for 100 days, which she testifies was an amazing learning experience in more ways than one.

Trisha’s 100 Days of Endangered Species and many of her other works can be found on her website at, where a true sense of her budding expertise can be discovered. Trisha often works in pen and ink with a dip pen, creating boldly defined black and white masterpieces. Through finely honed lines and shading, Trisha brilliantly balances positive and negative space in her work. Her work commonly captures elements of life and nature. No matter the subject, each portrayal is true to form down to the slightest of detail, popping from the page with shining levels of beauty and realism.

Fortunately for fans of fine art, Trisha Previte has no plans of drawing back, from, well, drawing. This summer she hopes to get her online shop running and offer prints of her work to the masses. Along with her friend and fellow artist Lisa Lorek, she’s also itching to create more massive chalk murals around Cleveland. In October, Trisha is traveling to England with a group of artists from Light Grey Art Lab for a “mystical tour,” delving into old bookshops, zoology museums, and ancient forests to seek more inspiration for creative projects down the line. You can find a great selection of Trisha’s work at and bunch more on Instagram @tmprevite.