DJ Craze: Beachland Ballroom

[intro-text size=”25px”]This past weekend, the Star Wars craze seemed to sweep the world. However, Friday night, the Jedi master (and three time DMC world champion) of scratching, DJ Craze, took over the Beachland Ballroom with his ‘Constant Elevation’ tour. [/intro-text]

The art of scratching and what some refer to as “real Djing” has become a sort of lost art form with the onslaught of our digital era. However, DJ Craze keeps the hip hop staple relevant, while being the only solo DJ in history to claim the DMC World Championship three years in a row (1998-2000). Cleveland dance heads from various ages and paths all came together to witness the master work, and that is just what he did. With local support from p.stoops, Broken Keys, and Cleveland’s own resident scratch-aholic, Jon Doe. P.stoops laid down a solid opening set, and Broken Keys brought the house hop he’s best known for.

Jon Doe was appropriately appointed the direct opener slot. You can usually catch Jon Doe spinning at local hot spots a la Liquid, but on this night he served up a sauced out set on the platters. He gave the crowd just enough to munch on before DJ Craze hit the stage, and when he did they were ever ready to devour all the tricks and skills the champ had for them. He wasted no time showing everyone just what a title holding DJ does. Just search any of his videos on YouTube and see how this sound bending magician keeps turntablism alive and well. Track after track, trick after trick, the man never stepped away from the table. No fist bumping, no heart hands, and not a single stage dive. There’s no time for that when you’re on the DJ Craze side, and I will say the force is most definitely strong with this one.

Check out this exclusive Pressure Life video by Jae Andres Studios for all the night’s action.

[youtube id=”wtBJNOsCS8E” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”767″ parameters=”wtBJNOsCS8E”]