Sometimes you listen to a tune and it’s so catchy that you don’t even realize what you’re bopping along to. This isn’t that song. This song is about as subtle as a face tattoo. Apparently Timmy Shaw had some huge insecurity about his relationships and wanted to openly display himself as the most undateable person in the world. I mean, the chorus states pretty blatantly “If I catch you running around, I’m gonna put you 6 feet in the ground.”

The whole thing got me thinking about how messed up this would be to pull off. People don’t make songs by themselves. There were probably two producers, a session band, backup singers, and a label willing to press this. It was a concerted effort by a group of people to consciously sing a song about abuse—and they did it really enthusiastically! I’m not saying this is a bad song. It just really blows my mind that they were able to make it because I’m not sure a major label would allow this today.

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