Banner Photo Credit: Kathryn Dike

How do you make money off the internet? Just follow the Hype. Glen Infante is the man behind iLTHY—an abbreviation of the “I Love The Hype”—a trend-based apparel company. This guy is the prime example of someone who is retooling the culture to evade what we now call the “Washed”—aka boring-ass dads.

iLTHY was born during the 2008 Cavs season with a single T-shirt based on the now-famous incident when Delonte West was a special correspondent on Jim Rome is Burning. You can’t forget a line like “you betta have my donuts.” In the viral aftermath of that short, Glen had an idea: a hype-based clothing company that literally evolves with whatever people find most interesting.

The uniqueness of Glen’s vision is the answer to the monotony of fashion. Glen’s forethought to adapt his style with the culture is key to creating a desirable, popular, and visually-striking brand. While other companies are trying to find inspiration, Glen is actively changing his whole lookbook based on the most popular social media posts or viral videos. If it has a million likes, someone’s going to buy it on a shirt.

While tees are a big part of his business, iLTHY is so much more than just a shirt company. Glen’s offers hats, sweaters, jackets, headbands, and other apparel, all of which are amazingly styled and sometimes even cut and designed by Glen himself. He’s on the forefront of what is fashionable. In fact, Glen recently stayed in Los Angeles for an exclusive iLTHY pop up shop. While iLTHY’s reach extends outside of Ohio, he still maintains a brick and mortar store in Gordon Square.

Glen is just a local guy, but he’s created a brand that is instantly recognizable, desired, and inspired rather than derivative. In a world where fashion feels like a copy of a copy, Glen remains original. Everyone’s worn a hoodie. However Glen learned it all on his own. With no formal education for fashion design, Glen may have avoided the pretentiousness that comes with that level of formal schooling. A native Ohioan born and raised, Glen exudes a strong desire to look good and represent the culture in new and changing ways. This is the kind of thing that makes fashion legends.

What’s next for the brand? Everyone involved in modern fashion wants to go to New York. Glen is no different; he would love to have a brick-and-mortar location in the big city. Still, he thinks his favorite store will always be his original location on Madison in Lakewood. They put a grocery store where coolness used to live. Now there’s gluten-free yogurts. Cleveland is always changing and Glen’s ready for it. Hopefully we can keep him around long enough to thank the next guy that leaves the Cavs.