[intro-text size=”25px”]The largest public fetish event in Cleveland, the Organ Grinder’s Ball, returns to the House of Blues in its 21st year of bondage and beauty this Saturday, April 9.[/intro-text]

For the uninitiated, the Organ Grinder’s Ball can be a sexy, eye-opening, sometimes shocking look at the many kinky desires that drive modern-day sexuality. For regular members of the fetish scene, it’s a convention, a public event where alternative sexual pleasures are embraced as normal and keeping them in the confines of the bedroom are just too restrictive.

Privacy is strictly enforced, no photos are allowed in the venue. Safety rules are also strictly adhered to, no “penetration” or unwanted sexual advances are permitted. Sure, creepy people show up there looking for a piece of hot action, but the overwhelming majority of attendants are and always have been open, friendly, regular humans with good jobs, loving families, and fabulous leather dom suits.  They welcome everyone from the remotely-curious to the hardcore-fetishists without judgment or subjectivity…unless being talked down to happens to be your fetish.

Vendors selling everything from sex toys and leather goods to handmade jewelry line the House of Blues entrance. Inside, guests and models dressed primarily in fetish gear and sexy costumes can be found dancing, socializing and trying out the many demonstration contraptions set up around the room, like a re-designed gymnastics horse as a spanking plank, and various swings and rope tie-downs. A stage show with several creative, sex-fueled action scenes featuring hot Organ Grinders’ models and performers entertains and interacts with the crowds; burlesque dancers and other performance artists share the stage throughout the night.

So if you’re just curious and maybe looking for a first spanking, or if you’re a seasoned foot fetishist in search of a lass with lovely lickable toes, you’re all welcome. Two decades of debauchery have made the Organ Grinder’s Ball a mainstay in Northeast Ohio – now make it yours.

21st Annual Organ Grinders Ball; House of Blues-Cleveland; $25 cash – no presale; 9 p.m. Doors; www.fetishplayland.com

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