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Fresh Music Out Of Cleveland’s Hip-Hop & Dance Scenes

Fresh Music Out Of Cleveland’s Hip-Hop & Dance Scenes

Gennifer Harding-Gosnell

J@y Gotti Maseratii – 3d Emotions

J@y Gotti Maseratii, one of the best young lyricists in the Cleveland rap scene, has released 3d Emotions, his first studio album, via New Tone City Entertainment. His words and ideas still demonstrate a maturity beyond his years. His vocals have also matured – Gotti Maseratii’s voice has deepened some as he enters his 20s, and his rapid-fire delivery skills allow him to explore trickier rhythms on this album. Check out the highlights “Evidence” and “Yamah Girl”, but make sure to listen to 3d Emotions’ closing track, “My Way”, to get the full Gotti Maseratii experience.     

Dreweybear Feat. Julia Thompson – “The One”

The national EDM community has been raving about this track by Cincinnati producer Dreweybear that features Cleveland singer/songwriter Julia Thompson, calling it this summer’s “anthem”. Several styled drops and speed changes keep it interesting on the dance floor as “The One” continues to find its way onto DJ playlists nationwide well into autumn.    

Dirty Kicks – Computer Blue

Dirty Kicks’ EP, Computer Blue, has been out nearly a year but is just now gaining traction, riding on the badass single and more recently released video, “Mista Lo-Ki”. There’s a peculiar darkness to Computer Blue, almost goth in the sense of how you feel when the EP is over. It is intelligent, realistic and direct. Also listen to “Corpses” and “Don Pe$o” if you want to hit that edge.  

Josh White – Sorry, I’m A Broke Boy

This EP could hurt someone. Josh White’s new record, Sorry, I’m A Broke Boy, is full of surprises around every turn: atypical sound effects, massive signature changes, slow-building rants. White’s smokey vocals and otherwise passive delivery make the little surprises all the more unexpected. Sorry, I’m A Broke Boy is very well-produced and best heard in its entirety, but “Hey Now” and “Spirit Revival Fts, Curly Chuck” are good samples of what you’re in for should you take the whole ride.

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