[intro-text size=”25px”]It’s always refreshing coming across strangers who take it upon themselves to affect positive change whether on a large scale or a person-to-person community level. Sharon Johnson is doing just that.[/intro-text]

Development director for the Northeast Ohio community outreach program, From Darkness to Light, Johnson helps organize food drives, deliver meals to the infirmed, provide shelter and housing for the homeless and help them gain steady employment. Currently, From Darkness to Light is working toward the creation the Courage House, whole family, women and children homeless shelter in downtown Cleveland.

I met Johnson’s two sons outside of a shopping center where they were gathering attention to a peace rally that they are currently organizing for October. Cleveland will serve as the beginning of a nationwide tour of the dozen most dangerous cities, of which we currently rank seventh. The Cleveland event will be a healing rally commiserating those lost to gun violence. The peace rally will feature Michelle Russell, sister of Timothy Russell who was shot 137 times by Cleveland police. She will share how she overcame the trauma of her brother’s death and encourages forgiveness to facilitate peace for her community.

From Darkness to Light is still in the process of procuring a location for their October event but you can follow their progress, make a donation, and find ways to help in your community on their website, www.FD2L.org and on their Facebook page.

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