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[intro-text size=”25px”]Fashion Week Cleveland rolls on during midweek with a Retail Showcase. This year’s featured store: Tre Sorelle in the heart of Little Italy.[/intro-text]

Customers were welcomed with wine, good eats and a 30% discount on all purchases by owner/proprietor Chrissy Cavotta, who is also the Model Coordinator for this year’s Fashion Week Cleveland runway shows.

Cavotta says she is working to build awareness of fashion “buying clothing from New York, Chicago and Los Angeles; it really brings an exciting kind of look and style to the Cleveland area. I offer unique pieces from other popular fashion capitols of the US.”

Don’t let the glamourous cities mentioned fool you – nearly everything in Cavotta’s shop is priced under $100, from a metallic cut-out evening dress for $75 to business casual clothing marked at only $13. All the items come directly from those fashion capitols: “I’ll go to the trade shows in the different states and I’ll bring everything back, either drive my car to New York or fly out there and have everything shipped back,” says Cavotta.

The uniqueness of the items Cavotta brings back is a major draw for her clientele – Little Italy residents  Samantha Mihaila, 23, and Heather Georgiadis, 24, are regular customers.  “I love how different everything is,” says Georgiadis. ”You don’t find it anywhere else, they are definitely unique pieces. They’re good conversation pieces, too, which I love.”

Ashley Bohanon, 29, also stopped in to Tre Sorelle for the Fashion Week Cleveland event. She is a budding designer from Cleveland with a BA in Fashion Design from Ursuline College who has also studied and received certification from a school in Paris. Bohanon says as a fellow designer, she is most looking forward to the runway shows to “see each designer’s perspective of style and fashion”.  Bohanon worked at Saks Fifth Avenue for three years and says she learned a lot from her customers there that influences her designs, such as how they like to dress and what they look for in a garment. “They don’t like their bra showing or clothes that make them look bigger that what they are. That really influences me as a designer when I go to make a piece.”

Cavotta chooses her merchandise by instinct – whatever catches her eye. This includes local designers like Anton Zbarzh, who’s flair for metallic and intricate fabrics make some of the more interesting pieces you’ll find at Tre Sorelle. “Super high fashion”, says Cavotta, handmade and priced at $195.

Not everything at Tre Sorelle is meant for posh evening galas or runway shows. A simple, double-breasted, nautical-looking shirt vest from Los Angeles, selling for $13, is perfect for the office or a casual night out even the most cautious dressers would be comfortable wearing.

Fashion Week Cleveland continues this Friday, May 6, with the “Night At The Museum” starting at 5 p.m. Join Pattie Edmonson, a curator at the Halle Costume Museum, for a walk through history of early Clevelanders’ style and dress.  The event also features a vintage clothing sale, cash bar and post-event cocktail party.

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