Girls’ Jam Night Out

Seafair and Whiskey Hollow Singers Chayla Hope and Madeline Finn Headline The Grog Shop This Friday

Seafair vocalist Chayla Hope and Whiskey Hollow frontwoman Madeline Finn will perform solo sets of their work at the Grog Shop this Friday, February 24, starting at 9 p.m. They will be joined by openers Kimberly Haffey (The Rainbow Emergency) and cellist Shelby Lynn Sangdahl.

The off-beat, sometimes soft, occasionally ominous sound of Shelby Lynn Sangdahl’s solo cello work opens the show. The Rainbow Emergency’s dreamy pop sound is fronted by Kimberly Haffey; listen to their song, “You’re Garbage”, or “Clean Break” to get a feel for what Haffney’s solo show will offer.

Whiskey Hollow singer Madeline Finn’s solid vocals will be the highlight of her set; she dips and dives in a strong, bluesy tone. The influence of Janis Joplin in Finn’s confident voice is obvious; Whiskey Hollow have recorded a cover of “Me And Bobby McGee”; however, Finn told PressureLife Jeff Buckley is “hands down” her top influence: “[Buckley] showed me that music is an art form and it has changed my outlook completely in the last year.” Finn describes her music as “raw, genuine and honest”. “Seasons”  shows off Finn’s vocals, stark lyrics and the band’s creativity, launching sleigh bells and kick drums into their indie-Americana sound.

There’s no telling what Chayla Hope’s solo performance will sound and feel like. Just as with her band, Seafair, the range of possibilities are too wide to make any solid predictions. Hope’s band wavers between contemporary-classical and pop-punk, for which classifications don’t really exist. Her thoughtful lyrics and emotive voice are the only guarantee.

For more details, visit the Grog Shop’s website.

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