[intro-text size=”25px”]Happy Dog is known for their seemingly-never-ending list of toppings that patrons choose from while customizing hot dogs to their exact specifications. But on this night, there was no Bertman Original Ballpark Mustard, there were no Fruit Loops, and there were no buns.[/intro-text]

That’s because on this night, six brave men were pushing the limits of the human body by competing in a hot dog eating battle royale for the ultimate prize: bragging rights.

As the first installment of Pressure vs…, a series of contests between our staff and local businesses or celebrities, we had the not-so-brilliant idea to challenge the staff of Happy Dog to a hot dog eating contest on their home turf.

Surrounded by spectators, a projector showing a Gumby film, and a guy setting up video game consoles so patrons could play ToeJam and Earl or Mortal Kombat later that night, Jim Bacha, Alex Bieler, and Greg Kreps of PressureLife took on Paul Weaver, Paul Nelson, and Richard Matia of Happy Dog in a contest to see which team could eat more hot dogs in four minutes.

Appropriately taking place in the Underdog, the basement bar area of Happy Dog’s Detroit Ave. location, the Happy Dog team seemed to be overmatched by the PressureLife team which featured some rather large humans. But as the adage goes, it’s not the size of the dog in the fight…it’s the amount of hot dogs the dog is willing to smash down its gullet.

In the end, Team Happy Dog edged out Team PressureLife by a total of 18 ½  to 14 ½ dogs eaten, with Happy Dog’s Paul Weaver leading the way for all eaters with 6 ½ dogs.

Not impressed by those numbers? Well, five of these hot dogs equals a pound of meat, so the competitors on average consumed over a pound of hot dogs. That’s a lot.

Even more impressive, none of the eaters yacked.