The farm-to-table movement has become all the rage in sourcing sustainable, healthy, organic foods locally. Alex Russell wants to take that a step further by promoting a yard-to-table lifestyle where people grow their own food in home-gardens.

Some people might like the idea of growing their own food and want to find ways to be greener, but setting up a home garden can seem like a daunting task given the time and knowledge required. Those who have a small yard, no yard, or live in apartments might not even consider it an option at all. Alex, who found a passion for gardening while growing peppers for hot sauces in college, wanted to change that perception, so he started the company Green City Roots.

Based in Lakewood, Green City Roots offers a free consultation to evaluate individual living situations in designing and installing customized, easy-to-maintain, indoor or outdoor home gardens.

“I thought if someone builds and plants a garden for these people, all they would have to do is water it a couple times a week,” Alex explains. “I didn’t see anyone else doing this type of business in our area, so I started it.”

Green City Roots offers several options to fit any needs with apartment or patio herb and salad gardens that start at $250. For those with more space, the company offers a larger-sized option in raised-bed vegetable gardens starting at $600. You can also have a completely-custom option built, with varying prices based on the solution designed. In keeping with its mission to help the environment and help people be more sustainable, Green City Roots even offers an option for garden soil revitalization using a fertilizer called Everbrew, which is made from spent beer grains and used coffee grounds.

Alex understands that while it’s important for everyone to do their part in helping the environment, it’s also important to help make it easier for them to do so. Through Green City Roots, Clevelanders can use their yards to bring sustainability to the table.