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Jana’s Mediterranean Deli Dine with PressureLife

Jana’s Mediterranean Deli Dine with PressureLife

What’s this? A second food review? You’re damn right it is. The PressureLife crew to check out the new Jana’s Mediterranean Deli located at 15211 Detroit Ave. in Lakewood.

Jana’s is a small establishment mostly dealing in to-go orders, so we stopped by to peruse the deli’s case full of numerous types of hummus, salads, bread pies, and other homemade dishes. Should you plan a trip to Jana’s? Find out what our trio of critics – sans new father Dave Sebille – thought of the new Detroit Road destination.

Jim Bacha

I was really excited to try Jana’s based off the Lakewood community Facebook reviews and comments. The two people working were beyond friendly and personable, which made me more excited. Unfortunately, everything fell flat for me. All the hummus we tried were either over- or under-seasoned and had a watery, chalky texture. The pies and sandwiches were pretty tasteless and underwhelming. Highlights for me were the grape leaves and the plain spinach pie. I don’t like sweets, so my gauge on baklava is off, but Hannah and Alex really seemed to enjoy it. I’ll give Jana’s another try in the near future because they’re doing something right with these reviews. Maybe my tastebuds were broken that day. 

Overall: 3/5

Alex Bieler

Overall, Jana’s featured a couple highs, a few lows, and some “mehs.” I was excited to try a few of Jana’s numerous types of hummus, but the trio we picked were middling to disappointing. The best of the three was the kalamata olive and artichoke hummus, and that was mainly because it tasted like an olive spread. The pies were hit and miss, with the meat and onion pie being the best. For me, the stars of the dinner were the grape leaves and baklava. The grape leaves were packed with flavor and I could have destroyed all six if we didn’t share. The baklava was refreshingly sweet and flaky after some of the dense pies. Those two dishes alone are enough for a return trip, but I wish I could say the same about more of what we ate.

Overall: 2.5/5

Hannah Allozi

Disappointing is about the only word I have for Jana’s. I too was looking forward to trying the new Middle Eastern deli that is my soul food. Usually bad Middle Eastern food is still pretty damn good, but this was the exception. All three of the hummus we tried barely even resembled hummus. The za’atar one was completely flavorless, the garlic one tasted like jet fuel, and the olive one was the consistency of a stew. I was really looking forward to all of the different pies we ordered, but most of them are not even worth mentioning and I absolutely refuse to discuss the shawarma. The two things that ended up being worthwhile were the grape leaves and the baklava, both of which I would eat again. They had a super friendly and helpful staff and a great location, but I’ll be sticking with my guy Ferris.

Overall: 2/5

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