Kyle Knutson has spent enough time making prints about skateboarding in college that he decided to start printing on the real thing. He made a couple runs of boards and they caught the eye of skaters on campus. Five years and a Joy Division song later, Colony, Knutson’s board company, showcases art from different artistic minds and uses the back of a skateboard as a canvas. Colony is thriving around the streets while their momentum hasn’t hit a speed wobble yet.

Knutson had to “Frankenstein” the Colony skateboards, all the way down to the nuts and bolts that hold the wheels in place, in order to come up with the best shape for each one that’s pressed and printed. These boards are made to be something you can show off inside, just as much as you want to take outside and show off while riding around the city. The skate scene in Cleveland is thriving. One of the most popular skateparks in the city is planning to update and expand; it’s only a matter of time until Colony takes over Cleveland skateboarding. 

Knutson utilized his years working at Tri-Star Skateboards and learning under the original owner. That gave Knutson the chance to use Tri-Star as a platform to grow Colony when it was still in its infancy. Now you can find Colony’s boards at Tri-Star Skateboards in Cleveland and Westside Skates in Lakewood. If you’re a little further away, you can also find them at Old Skool Skate shop in Columbus and One Love Skate shop in Dayton. Contact Skate shop in Memphis, Tennessee and One Up Skate shop in Pittsburgh also carry these pieces.

Colony has six local skaters that are currently on their sponsored team. They have all been busy filming a video which should be out this fall. Knutson’s vision is to use his brand as a platform for mostly local printmakers, photographers, painters, and other creatives by giving them an audience far outside that realm. It’s a perfect pairing that hasn’t been done before – he isn’t just creating a community through art and skateboarding. He’s creating a colony.

Kyle Knutson –


Instagram: @Colony_Skateboards