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Late Shift Cinema: American Psycho

Late Shift Cinema: American Psycho

Dan Bernardi
[intro-text size=”25px”]Twice a month, Cleveland Cinemas plays host to the Late Shift Series, a collection of classic and beloved films that have achieved cult status among fanatic cinephiles. Teaming up with Melt Bar & Grilled, the Cedar Lee and Capitol theaters bring us the chance to watch our favorite flicks up on the big screen in all of their intended glory.[/intro-text]

This weekend, it’s hip to be square.

Saturday at 11:59 PM, Capitol Theater is splattering the screen with the rowdy recent classic American Psycho. Released in 2000 and based on the book by cult author Bret Easton Ellis, this psychological thriller takes us back to the 80’s for a story about Patrick Bateman, an ego-maniacal investment banker who has equal obsessions with both money and murder. As Bateman furthers the story through narration, we get taken on a roller coaster of psychotic hijinx with equally insane commentary, which often results in twisted, darkly funny scenarios.

Christian Bale absolutely kills it in this film. American Psycho may be his breakthrough role, and personally I prefer his Bateman over his Batman. At times, Bale plays Bateman just as seriously as the Dark Knight, but he impresses with his range in American Psycho, with deranged but silly tirade monologues and wild, violent outbursts. Whether he’s laughably frustrated while comparing business cards or dropping a chainsaw down a stairwell onto a naked fleeing hooker, Bale dared to take on some deep, grisly subject matter but he nailed it, immortalizing the character of Patrick Bateman as one of the all time great movie psychopaths.

But behind all the blood and malice, American Psycho is a satire, poking fun at all the superficial addictions that plague our society. Bateman is the embodiment of everything vain. He describes his morning routine early in the film, and you’ll quickly learn that he’s not just your average yuppy. Behind all the product and lotion that he religiously applies every day, the fancy clothes, and the seemingly perfect, privileged life, he’s completely fucked in the head. Despite his impeccable taste in the musical likes of Huey Lewis and Phil Collins, he’s a mental monster, and the scariest thing is that he doesn’t feel that far off from reality… and that’s what makes American Psycho truly terrifying.

If you’re feeling a little crazy this weekend, go check out American Psycho at the Capitol on Saturday.

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