The Grog Shop hosted a trio of acts with local ties, as Saintseneca, The Sidekicks, and Yowler graced the Coventry venue’s stage Saturday, Oct. 24.

Yowler started the night off with an intimate performance, as Maryn Jones played tracks off of her solo project’s new album The Offer. The crowd watched diligently as the songstress opened up on stage, the reverberating strums of her electric guitar basking the venue during a lovely set.

The Sidekicks kicked the volume up a few notches when the foursome took the stage, pumping out a handful of tunes off of their gleaming 2015 release Runners in the Nerved World. To put it simply, a Sidekicks show is a whole lot of fun, with some choice pop-punk cuts like “Everything in Twos” and Awkward Breeds’  “DMT” played with a zeal that can’t help but be infectious, particularly when paired with frontman Steve Ciolek’s quick jumps and high-energy performance. Add in a rousing and unexpected cover of The Jim Carroll Band’s “People Who Died” and you have a blast of a set.

It wouldn’t be long before Ciolek and Jones both returned to the stage, except this time as members of headlining act Saintseneca. The Zac Little-fronted collective also had a new release this year with the excellent Such Things and added some extra grit to the new alt-folk tracks. Little has a wonderful ability when it comes to phrasing, as each line that he sings swerves and dives along like a summer drive through a parkway, and the crowd was given an exhilarating ride on numbers like “River” and Dark Arc‘s “Visions.”

Despite coming across as a few ticks louder than on the studio recordings, Saintseneca never lost the lovely penchant for detail that dots the band’s music. Each and every track provided a new adventure for the audience, including on lovely trips such as the gentle “Fed Up With Hunger.” After Saintseneca was done, the crowd departed The Grog Shop, but now with new musical roadmaps engraved in their brains thanks to Yowler, The Sidekicks, and Saintseneca.