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Local Drinks, Local Support

Local Drinks, Local Support

Alex Bieler

On Saturday, July 27, you can help support women around the world through beer. BEER.WOMEN.ROCK, a collective of female brewers, distributors, and other members professional and amateur members of the beer scene, is set to host its eponymous annual event at Jukebox in Ohio City’s Hingetown to support local charities and celebrate women in the Cleveland brewing community.

“The beer industry is heavily dominated by men,” says Head Organizer and Committee Chair Ann Cinovec. “So five years ago we came together naturally to support each other and the companies that hire women and decided to use the opportunity to give back to our community.”

After donating $18,000 across the past four years for various local charity partners, BEER.WOMEN.ROCK aims to raise $6,000 this year for another Cleveland-based non-profit organization: Drink Local, Drink Tap (DLDT). The organization’s goal is to solve water issues through creative education and events like beach clean ups while also providing help on a global scale its ‘Breaking the Silence of Menstruation’ Program.

“In rural Africa, many girls drop out of school during menstruation and some permanently,” Cinovec says. “Through our partnership they will be able to help approximately 500 girls by teaching them how to make their own sanitary products. This teaches them both practical sewing by hand and machine skills and how to manage their periods safely.”

So how can you help BEER.WOMEN.ROCK and DLDT? There are several different ways. First, head to Jukebox to enjoy a cold beverage or two. Several local and out-of-state breweries will donate a keg to the event, including Dogfish Head Brewery, Bell’s Brewery, and Brick and Barrel Brewing.

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BEER.WOMEN.ROCK will also have Beauty School Drop Out, a special table beer brewed at Brick and Barrel for the event. All proceeds from Beauty School Drop Out and the donated kegs will benefit DLDT. You can also help raise money through the event’s prize raffle and 50/50 raffle – even if you don’t win, you still got karma, and a few beers, on your side.

Want to help, but can’t make it to Jukebox July 27? Check out DLDT at or consider donating a raffle prize or supporting BEER.WOMEN.ROCK on GoFundMe.

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