Photography Lee Sechrist

Hate onions? Put ketchup on your ketchup? We all have unique likes and dislikes, so when you hear about a new restaurant, whether it be from a foodie or someone who lives off of toaster pastries, you don’t know if their tastes align with your own. So, instead of reading a review from one source, take it from four members of our team. Even though we are woefully underqualified to review a restaurant, at least one of us will likely share some of your distinct tastes.

For this issue, the PressureLife crew visited Ohio Pie Co., a take-out pizza shop with limited seating located at 1315 1/2 Pearl Road in Brunswick. Ohio Pie Co. opened its doors earlier this year to dish out what Owner and Founder Nick Robson calls “The Original Ohio-Style Pizza” – round pies cut into squares and made with a signature five-cheese blend, house-made garlic oil, and a sweet sauce. Find out if our team thought Ohio Pie Co. was a slice of heaven or pizza purgatory.

Jim Bacha

When you have a pepperoni pie craving, this is your stop. The hype around Ohio Pie Co. is real. I will say I talked with okPANTS prior to our visit and he gave recommendations so there was a preset thought process which we normally don’t do. The crust was crispy, garlicky, and delicious. All you need is a pepperoni pie and you’ll be happy. Just the right amount of grease. The vegan sausage and cheese pie was a close second for me. The white pie and dill pickle pie were good, but a bit rich for my taste. When I’m in the Brunswick area, I’ll definitely go back.

Overall: 4/5

Alex Bieler

Pizza comes in many forms, most of them at least somewhat tasty. Ohio Pie Co.’s preferred style is by no means subtle. Instead, it’s a blast of flavor in a greasy, square-cut package – and that’s more than okay with me. The pepperoni pizza is an ideal game-day pie, packing plenty of pep in each piece. Sure, the grease from the pepperoni cups and garlic oil don’t make it the most proper pie, but they’re both delicious. Also, that’s why you invest in heavy-duty paper towels. The vegan sausage and cheese pizza was also quite good even a meat lover like me could appreciate that pie. My only quibble was that I wish red pies had a better sauce dispersal, as some of the outer slices seemed dry in comparison to the middle. Still, that’s why you make a mad dash for the pizza box during game day.

Overall: 4/5

Hannah Allozi

Way down this little road called I-71 we bumped into a town called Brunswick, and there we found wild, home-grown “Ohio” pies. I’ve been following the Ohio Pie Co.’s hype for months now and was excited to finally give it a try. The thought of driving 35-plus minutes for a pizza seems like a complete waste of resources, however, this pie is well worth the effort. The pepperoni pie was by far my favorite. The garlic oil and mini, crispy pepperoni cups are out of this world. The vegan sausage pizza was a nice surprise, a little on the sweet side. While the pickle pizza and the white pizza were also good, that pepperoni pie would be the reason I venture back to a location that might better be suited for a DMV.

Overall: 4/5

Kevin Naughton

I didn’t actually have this pizza in house, so take this review with a grain of Himalayan rock salt. That being said, isn’t there some relevance in reviewing a pizza that’s been sitting in a box for a bit? The good news is that it held up. The slices were creative, and they respected the classic pepperoni by not messing with it too much. I liked the pickle pizza because it seemed like something a 4-year-old came up with and they just ran with it. The pepperoni pizza was a bit greasy for my taste but that by no means stopped me from having a second slice. All in all, solid pizza with some added creative fun.

Rating: 4/5