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On The Record: Obnox

On The Record: Obnox

Pressure Life

Arguably Cleveland’s best export has always been its underground music. In many cases, it has taken years or decades for people to come around to artists like Albert Ayler or Electric Eels. Following in the lineage of Ayler and the Eels, yet quite its own thing, Obnox is currently helping to put Cleveland back on the proverbial map in terms of underground rock music.

The incredibly prolific and genre-bending punk project is led by Lamont “Bim” Thomas. With a rotating cast of collaborators, he generates a powerful and singular vision of raw punk blues. Delivered with a sense of urgency and controlled frenzy, Thomas has put out a mind- boggling 16 releases in the past four years, not to mention the nine he’s put out with other projects like This Moment In Black History and Puffy Areolas. With this many albums released over such a short span of time, you’d think the quality would fail to match the rate of production, but in the case of Obnox, he just seems to get better with each album he drops.

Treating Bim to a quick record shopping trip, we headed over to This Way Out to get the scoop on what he’s listening to when he’s not on tour.

King Hannibal, The Truth Shall Set You Free

I bought this because I’ve become an avid fan of what we know as Gospel/Funk. This one rages, and is similar to Numero Group’s Good God! series.

The Quality Controls, Grapevine Pts.1&2 (Andre Williams Production)

The Quality Controls doing a Marvin Gaye cover over two sides doesn’t sound like a big deal, but when you consider its producer, “Mr. Rhythm” Andre Williams, you simply say ‘Fuck the world I’ve covered Mr. Williams twice!’

The Caps, Red Headed Flea b/w Daddy Dean

An excellent frat rock instrumental that happens to be the most expensive of the records I purchased at This Way Out, but the band is from Akron and I’m sort of Ohio-centric.

Junie, Loving Arms

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Junie Morrison solo, so I had to give it a go. I love funkadelic, so this is a no-brainer. And it grooves effortlessly.

L.L. Cool J, Bad

Bigger and Deffer! Bought this for the Nox tour van, and because I get yet another chance to buy a prime-era Def Jam recording.

The Leaving Trains, Transportational D. Vices

Bought The Leaving Trains because they were one of the best bands on SST Records and for a very long time. Once hung out with Falling James at the Cheater Slicks home. Karla Maddog (ex-Controllers) was their drummer then.

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