PressureLife is born of hustle, ambition, and sacrifice. Looking back at the year, we wanted to congratulate the local band that embodies these three pillars the most along with putting out some of the best music of the year. 

Oregon Space Trail of Doom, or OSTOD for short, have had a hell of a 2019. The band released their first full-length album Into the Wood, later doing a 10-date cross-country tour to support it. Once home, the band started working on their second album, set to be released march of 2020. OSTOD released some of the most technical and immersive music to come out of the city in years. Playing almost every Cleveland festival and endless local shows, OSTOD’s name is firmly planted in most music fans heads. 

There is an old joke that goes, “a punk, a metal head, and a rocker are driving in a car; what are they listening to? Motorhead.” OSTOD embodies that same mass appeal by writing the music that they want to hear and putting on an electric live show. Some songs are two-minute pop songs with a verse and a chorus. Others are 15-minute trips to the center of the mind and back. All these songs played with gigantic smiles and without the faintest hint of ego. No matter what your cup of tea may be, OSTOD scratches your itch. 

With some major endorsements under their belt (Earthquaker Devices and The Panza Foundation, among many others) the band plans on taking major steps toward the national stage in 2020. OSTOD is on the brink of being the most well-known band from Cleveland since Cloud Nothings – a position that is well deserved and heavily supported. The city loves this band and soon will the world. That is why Oregon Space Trail of Doom is the PressureLife 2019 Band of the Year.