[intro-text size=”25px”]Pressure checked out the soft opening of FWD last night to give you the low-down before today’s Grand opening.  Earlier in the afternoon we couldn’t wait and wanted a sneak peek. We snuck over to check it out and see what we were in for. There were construction workers everywhere hard at work, I started to think we might have gotten the date wrong.[/intro-text]

FullSizeRender (4)

Once it turned to night the flats transformed from men in hard hats to girls in high heels and bandage dresses.  The EDM music is pounding as you walk up to a bunch of Dexter-like shipping containers: Welcome to FWD Dayclub + Nightclub.

Once inside FWD, it was spacious with a great view of the Cleveland skyline.  It was completely open with several bars surrounding the dance floor and DJ. The pool had not been filled yet, so I was slightly disappointed I couldn’t drunkenly cannonball upon my exit. The layout and VIP targeted amenities at FWD created a one-of-a-kind experience from other spots in the newly bustling flats.  We quickly found some comfy couches to sit down and hang out – I am far too lazy to stand at a bar that requires I wear heels. I met a few drunk girls in the bathroom that complimented my “in da club” attire which I chalked up as a win. The service was beyond polite which threw me a bit for a loop, not used to bartenders being attentive and helpful- I didn’t know how to react. We also partook in some dancing but it is not relevant if we were the only ones out there fist bumping to the EDM jams… we were.

Overall, FWD is the perfect locale for bachelorette/bachelor parties, girls in bodycon dresses and “clubbing” in general. It provides a big city atmosphere that no other place in Cleveland currently offers. If you want to find a spot in Cleveland to dance, stare at girls in tight dresses dancing or possibly spot some Cleveland VIPs this is the place for you. Check out their grand opening today!