Arguably one of Cleveland’s greatest assets is one that hides in plain sight. On our way to work or simply strolling, we can almost take for granted the amazing art splayed across buildings and street walls. Here are Pressure Life’s Top 5 Cleveland street art.


5) Stretching along the backside of Barrio’s in Tremont, this sultry siren evokes the jazzed up romanticized speakeasies of the waybacks while also reminiscent of the buildings Adam West’s Batman would find a colorful villain hiding out in.


4) This is a Cleveland classic. Facing East 9th, John Morrell’s mural, Life Is Sharing the Same Park Bench, captures the spirit of anyone who has rode a crowded RTA.

 sa 3

3) Artist, Nick Marzullo, lit up the side of this Collinwood building replete with laser eyes. Here, a master of industry holds the tools of production while the exploited masses struggle to support him.

 sa 1

2) Part of the Waterloo Art District’s Zoetic Walls project, RAE’s piece is a dizzying tangle of elegant line work that bespeaks a day-glo treaties on relationships. The true length and scope of this piece is too panoramic to be appreciated here. A must see in person.


1) The entire building, every square inch, is gilded in gold. Known only as the Hygienic Dress League, this golden god towers over the corner of Waterloo and is the brainchild of Doreta and Steve Coy.



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