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[intro-text size=”18px”]Cleveland—the final frontier. Starting this afternoon, the Cleveland Convention Center will play host to Wizard World, the Chicago-born celebration of all things fantasy fandom. In between the VIP Meet and Greets and the Sci-Fi Speed Dating, this 3-day program is packed with some seriously stimulating panel discussions. From War II and the comic book boom to Saturday morning cartoons, Cosplay to World of Warcraft—this weekend is sure to bring out some interesting characters.

The staff here at Pressure is not immune to the fan frenzy—we’ve studied the line-up, rehearsed all of the moves in our playbook, and after months of perfecting our Vulcan salutes, it’s finally game time. Here’s a quick rundown of what we’re looking forward to the most. [/intro-text]

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web_cast_detail_series_dktp_dreadematteo_soaJim Bacha
Drea de Matteo—awkwardly hot, yet noticeably a bad ass. I’m a big fan of both her roles in Sons of Anarchy and The Sopranos. I’d be curious to see what she’s like in real life; maybe her and I can shoot some smack—a nice little photo op with an overdose…Where do I sign up?

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evil-deadKate Guess
Bruce Campbell. I will cry, pee, and orgasm simultaneously. However, I’m most excited about seeing the cosplay. There are going to be a lot of people who’ve spent all year outfitting themselves, and I think we’ll be able to be on the same level as the big-time cons. From a hometown pride perspective, that’ll be great PR for Cleveland.

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jason-david-frank-mmaDarrick Rutledge
Jason David Frank? More like Tommy Oliver! Just when you thought Ivan Ooze was gonna take over Angel Grove, Jason David Frank and his team of high school heroes made sure the city was safe. With his exceptional karate background at his disposal, he transitioned into the octagon where he is undefeated at both amateur and professional levels. Zordon would be proud!

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539361_489413227737978_105967549_nAaron Gelston
I’m most interested in seeing Ian Somerhalder in the flesh. Mostly because I am in disbelief that someone can look that damn good. I know people say life is unfair, but it cannot be that unfair. That’s like, ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife unfair. I need to find a flaw!

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MF14450AAlgJosh Cook
Try as I might, I have been completely unable to find out whether or not there will be collectable toy vendors, but I’m going to have to assume that there will. Which means my bank account is going to take a substantial hit this weekend. On top of breaking the bank, I’d love to ask the cast of The Walking Dead how they feel about jumping the proverbial shark, and if the show is about to take a turn down the same muddy religious street that Lost found itself on.

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804370Amy Kaufman
If I had to choose just one character from this ragtag line-up of ‘90s has-beens, washed-up pseudo-stars and every actor whose ever appeared on the CW, I’d have to go with Jason David Frank, a.k.a. the green Power Ranger. Out of all the odd featured guests, he seems like he might’ve been an afterthought. I mean, Captain Kirk, The Hulk, and then the Mighty Morphin Green Ranger? Maybe if we got all of the Power Rangers, like a packaged deal, I might understand that, but just one? Are the other rangers just totally strung out on drugs or working in porn, and the green one was the only one able to keep his shit together? (Note to self: Google “Power Rangers, where are they now?”)

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300.feldman.corey.072308Dan Bernardi
I’m a major Evil Dead fan so my initial pick was iconic anti-hero Bruce Campbell, but I already saw him speak at Kent in 2004. Wizard World is also exhibiting a fully pimped out Back to the Future replica DeLorean, which is amazing but there’s not enough road to get to 88 in the convention center. That leaves me with my third and final choice, Corey Feldman. Never say die!

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wb-superman-temporary-tattooWill Kmetz
Some of our favorite conversations as kids, or adults in this case, were about how Superman actually did all that awesome shit. So naturally the next step would be a seminar, followed by Q&A, with researchers from the NASA Glen Research Center contrasting the origins and abilities of Superman to science fact. Let’s just say I’m counting on them having a press release for laser eye goggles.

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a_5DlIb7Lindsey Levinsohn
I’m hoping to catch a glimpse of Ian Somerhalder, but I’ll also be on the lookout for the legendary William Shatner and Corey Feldman, who I’ll always love for his amazing performance in Stand By Me. As a Walking Dead fan, I can’t wait to spot the hero Hershel (Scott Wilson) and Father Gabriel Stokes (Seth Gilliam). I’m one of those Sopranos fans that still cannot get over the final episode so I’ll be on the lookout for the Drea de Matteo. Let’s be honest though, the only person that I have to see is the Hulk himself, Lou Ferrigno.


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