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Pressure Plays: Fawx

Pressure Plays: Fawx

Dave Sebille

The first time I knew I was going to see Fawx, I joked with a friend about how they probably sound like Hawthorne Heights.

I don’t know why I made this assumption, I am just a jerk sometimes. When I arrived at the show I heard some really abrasive melodic punk coming from inside the venue. My first thought was, “Did they add a band to this bill? This can’t be Fawx.” It was, and I’ve felt like a judgemental idiot since that day.

Drummer Jay Butler understands where Fawx stands, “We’re not cool enough to be cool and not nerdy enough to be ironically cool”. Fuck all of that though. So much time is spent on these pointless fashion shows. Bottom line is this band caught the attention of everyone in that room and I’m just the one lucky enough to be able to write about it.

We put a few tables together and talked about their debut release “Chillin’ and Thrillin’”. Wouldn’t of been my first choice in names but neither would “Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven”, point being, don’t let the name distract you. The EP pulls from so many influences and ages of rock and roll, sometimes sounding like a midwest anthem fest and other times like L.A. hardcore. All of which is held together by a cohesive tone and tempo.

Two years ago Butler moved back to Cleveland after attending school in Orlando, and I feel like a little bit of that Gainsville sound rubbed off on him. When he arrived the first thing he did was call Bassist and Lead Vocalist Austin Hodges and thus Fawx was born. The duo added lead guitarist Trevor Bailey and much later rhythm guitarist Cameron Campana, who also went to school with Butler in Orlando. Campana complimented the band’s sound with a warm guitar tone influenced by Weezer’s Pinkerton. Not to mention, he is one of the most pleasant people I’ve ever met.

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While Hodges claims “there is no mastermind in the band”, he seems to be the go to songwriter of the group. “Someone told me once that the goal is to write a 1000 year song, and none of mine are yet” Hodges humbly admits. The band tells me that most of the songs pop up organically and some are very meaningful while others are much less serious. “I’m constantly writing”, says hodges, and the differences between the five songs on this EP showcase that constant evolution.

As for future plans the band would like to be back in the studio this time next year recording their first full length. They are also saving money from the local gigs to buy a van to hit the road as soon as they can. Fawx is a fun loving Cleveland band at the very start of their career. Lucky for them they have the skill and work ethic to achieve their goals. From our conversation, I gather that the main goal here is to make sure everyone is coming out and having a great time at their shows. Chillin and Thrillin is now available and is definitely worth picking up. Unless you hate fun, then you can just watch the news or something super depressing like that.

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