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Pressure Plays: TCFH

Pressure Plays: TCFH

Dave Sebille

The cards were stacked against TCFH the first time I saw them a couple years ago.

For one unexplainable reason I tend to dismiss two piece rock and roll outfits, often finding myself thinking they are just too lazy to form a whole band. I also have always had a distaste for drummer lead singers, they’re always out of breath and messing up their drum parts. Finally, acronym band names always came off as a little too inside and forgettable for me. But, there I was picking my stupid little judgmental jaw off of the floor. The raw talent and passion that pours out of these two is palpable.

Consisting of best friends King Sebastian and Greg Smith, Thundercougarfalconhawk (if you recognize the reference do yourself a favor and check out Slurmcast) has been together since 2013. Releasing their first album ,”how to survive on the run” in 2014, and it’s follow up, “how to abandon your ghosts” in 2016, we talked a little about the third album which is “seventy percent written and already in production at Golden Ox studios in Lakewood.” according to Sebastian.

The first single from “How to sleep through the night” named “headhunter” is guaranteed to “blow everything else we’ve done out of the water”. I have no reason to not believe Sebastian as I’m listening to TCFH’s 2016 album each song seems to top the one before it. The best part of these albums for me is that they are not just a careless hodgepodge of riffs and phrases, they are actually all small parts of a larger plan.

How to abandon your ghosts is the second of a four part series of albums. Next is the currently being recorded “how to sleep through the night” and finally the fourth “How to take what’s yours” which will be released as a four disc box set featuring the four albums. Always very thematic in his writing this four part release of one giant story is classic Sebastian. He expresses a very forward and obvious love for the classic epics and mythology in the ancient world. TCFH is also not a band to gloss over the details, every second of every song is meticulously perfected both on the album and live.

The band as a whole sticks to a style of blues heavy riffs with very soulful and aggressive melodies. Pepper in some guitar solos and some dynamic breakdowns showcasing sebastian’s aretha franklin like vocal delivery and you’ve pretty much summed up the general sound of the band. I don’t want this to come off as a negative criticism, all of the aforementioned components are executed to its fullest potential, honestly my only complaint about TCFH is that they won’t let me play bass for them even though there are some fairly prominent bass parts on the last album.

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Just when you think you’re getting comfortable with their style TCFH throws a weird one at you. My favorite being a track called “bury the Head”. By far the album’s slowest and most melodic track, “bury the head” is a full blown showcase of the bands ability to hold back, switch it up, and demand your attention all while staying dark and heavy. Greg’s guitar writing throughout the album pulls from so many different styles and eras it’s hard to pin down exactly who his influences may be. Whomever you end up deciding on trying to point a finger at it’s undeniable the boy knows his way around his instrument better than most “guitarists” in the city.

Due to Greg and Sebastian having to deal with their own personal battles there is no telling exactly when “how to sleep through the night” will be officially released. I do know that both of them love this band more than anything and that’s not going to be drowned out no matter what happens to them individually. In the meantime enjoy the first two installments of the four part epic on bandcamp, and try to catch TCFH live anytime possible. Or you can go see one of the ten thousand shitty identical metal bands in this city. The choice is yours but I’ll be at the TCFH show every time.

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