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Pressure Reviews: Avengers Engame

Pressure Reviews: Avengers Engame


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2019 marks the end to many shows and films I have grown to love.  Game of Thrones, ending.  Marvel’s Avengers, basically ending, though July’s Spider-Man: Far From Home is apart of Phase Three, and of course Star Wars is finally ending until some giant studio finds new ways to mess up my childhood.  But as I think about who I was when I started watching each of these shows or films I realize I have grown and changed for better or for worse.  The fact is these stories have become apart of my life.

I remember seeing Iron Man in 2008 with one of best friends at Atlas Cinemas off of Diamond Centre in Mentor, Ohio.  It’s a happy memory that encapsulates who I was at the time; a fresh college student getting ready to finish his degree and face the world, and copious amounts of student debt.  Like these characters, I have grown, changed, and faced a myriad of challenges that have brought me to where I am today.  For some characters this is the end, but for others this is only the end to this chapter of their lives. All stories have a beginning, middle, and end and though Avengers: Endgame is an end to this story, and closes this phase of the Marvel cinematic universe, many characters we will see again.

Endgame is a very emotional film from start to finish.  It is hard to recall a comic book film or really any film that left me crying or at times drained.  The constant cacophony of action, jokes, and devastating blows don’t merit a perfect time to escape for a bathroom break or a popcorn refill, but like many, I absolutely want to see this film again.

It would be incredibly unfair of me to discuss the plot of the film in anyway.  What I will say is it picks up right where Infinity War left off.  Most of what we have seen in the trailers is actually towards the start of the film, so you all have a lot of surprises ahead.

But what I would really like to focus on is the talented acting performances by our ensemble, in particularly Robert Downey Jr.  As mentioned, Iron Man kicked off the cinematic universe, which led Downey to appear in most of the films.  He more than any other character changes the most overtime.  Many actors play the same character for years in a series, but what’s revolutionary here with Downey is he played the same character for over decade in a series of films, not episodes.  I truly hope he is considered for an Oscar next year.

The staple Avengers cast of Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johanson, and our leader, Captain America, Chris Evans, also deliver depth, development, and plenty of character arcs throughout the film.  Like Downey, many of these actors had been searching for leading, multifaceted roles over a decade ago, and found them with these superheroes.

With great acting talent there is always great directors, and the Russo brothers deliver again.  The film is filled with plenty of plot twists and turns, that some may be predictable, while others left me in shock.  The Russos visually unravel the intense CGI and action packed story in an incredibly realistic and honest presentation, which left me in awe.  Though it may be over three hours, like Infinity War, I wanted to watch even more after the closing credits.  Avengers: Endgame is one of the most engaging films I may ever see.

As a film director myself, I am incredibly impressed how Anthony and Joe Russo directed an enormous cast of A-List actors in one film.  Many, if not all of these actors have starred in several films outside of the Marvel cinematic universe.  How does a director work these leading men and women as an ensemble?  The weight and pressure on the brothers to produce I’m sure was equal to the Avengers need to save the world.

Avenger: Endgame is simply an awesome film.  It’s good, it’s really, really good.  The film executes on closing any loose ends and feels like the perfect last chapter.  I cannot recommend it enough, without spoiling the plot that you need to see this cinematic masterpiece in theaters.

As I remember fondly of 2008 when this all began, I reminisce more about the first time I saw Star Wars in the early 1990’s.  I clearly remember sitting on the floor in front of the TV screen with my grandpa baring the biggest smile as he sat behind me in his favorite chair when I met Yoda for the first time.  I can only hope Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker concludes the long running series this December as perfectly as Endgame does.

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