[intro-text size=”25px”]On Saturday night, Cleveland party kings, Cumulus Entertainment celebrated 6 years of their Winter Warm-Up event at the Agora.[/intro-text]

The mega-rave was stacked with acts on both stages. The smaller stage featured the heady sounds of jam bands like Acid Cats, Figurehead, Essential Groove, and Slap n’ Tickle. While the ballroom housed the impressive line-up of DJ’s such as local DJ/Producer, Broken Keys, Luca Lush, Reid Speed, Sweater Beats, and the headlining Black Tiger Sex Machine. The roster of performers showed a certain maturity in Cumulus’ selection process. No clubby or big room EDM to be found here. These DJ’s displayed an eclectic array of genres, which was definitely refreshing for some of the more seasoned scene heads in attendance.

The 18 and over event was almost at capacity by 9pm, and successfully sold-out before midnight. Once inside the Agora, the rattling of the bass and the dripping of the sweat on the walls catapulted you right into the mood of the night. The vibes were as thick as the humidity. After making it through the gauntlet of kandi kids in the lobby, your eyes were greeted by a festival-like laser show in the ballroom. Everywhere you looked, there were people adorned in their best party uniform. Glow wands held in the air like battle axes. This makes sense, because these neon warriors were ready for the ultimate dance battle.

The night seemed to coast along smoothly. I didn’t see a single ounce of riff raff. This might explain why the security seemed so lax. I got into VIP, then to the side of the stage, and then onto the stage with no questions asked. Black Tiger Sex Machine was bewitching the crowd with their pulsating sound when I made it to the stage. Their black tiger head helmets bouncing along as the crowd continued to get down until 3am. It was awesome to see from that view point. There was just an ocean of outer planetary beings being hypnotized by the rhythm of the drum machine or the rhythm of their own hearts. Whichever they were keeping a beat to, they were fully committed…and you can’t help but buy into that.

So, kudos to Cumulus for once again giving the people of Cleveland another chance to get up, get out, and get weird.