[intro-text size=”25px”]This past weekend, Cleveland experienced an unexpected heat wave. Now, I’m not talking about the mid-December 60+ degree weather. I’m speaking on the goddess dominated showcase that went down at Mahall’s on Saturday. M/\Z had her first hometown headlined show with direct support from locally grown, Fresh Produce. If you were wondering where all the most fly, most fabulous people were at on Saturday, they were here. Trends, as well as vibes were heavy throughout the diversely, beautiful crowd.[/intro-text]

Now, let me start by giving some love to the venue of choice. Mahall’s is easily one of the best spots in the city for these types of more intimate shows. From the picture perfect bar décor, to the so-selfie-spirational bathroom walls in the ladies room; it’s an InstaGangster’s Paradise. Not to mention it also being a retro bowling alley, where the drinks are always intoxicating in more ways than more. So first, I headed straight to the bar to grab a signature cocktail to jumpstart the night. However, the bass bleached beats coming from the other room called for me to exit the bar quickly, and make my way into the show.

Fresh Produce had just started serving up the goods to the ever receptive audience. If you’re not hip to Fresh Produce, they are a hip-hop collective comprised of DJ Red-I, Playne Jayne, and DJ Candi Fresca. I’d like to better describe them as High Priestesses in the Kingdom of Dopeness. The beats (all produced by DJ Red-I) are reminiscent of a better time in hip-hop. Back when we latchkey kids needed something to be raised on. Thankfully now we have Fresh Produce to fill our bellies. Their flows were organic, empowering, and filled with so much estrogen that I feared the men in the crowd would start menstruating.

Luckily, no men were harmed during the attending of this show. Their hearts may have broken though when MAZ washed up on that ply wood stage like an urban Aphrodite. With her DJ, Geauga Lake, behind her; she began to send out silkiest vocal vibrations. The entire audience was entranced by her sweet, yet sultry nature. MAZ served up all of her original songs, such as Babe, Zenith, and a personal favorite, Obsolete. She then went into a quite playful cover of Drake’s “Hotline Bling,” which called for some audience participation. She gave it her own refreshing, angelic touch, which caused you to not mind hearing it for the millionth time. She also took the time to coo some words of love to the audience; an authentic and tender moment to say the least.

You can check out music from the night’s fiercely feminine line-up at: wearefreshproduce.com and soundcloud.com/tendertones (MAZ).