Pressure Reviews: Papergirls #1
Image Comics
Brian K Vaughn, Cliff Chiang


The year is 1988, Cleveland, Ohio, and four foul-mouthed teenage papergirls are all that stand between us and some really weird shit.
Image comics new series, Papergirls, is a genius blend of John Hughes and John Carpenter in the best ways possible. The new series is set in the late ‘80’s of our own Cleveland, Ohio. The girls run the midnight shift, delivering those early morning editions of fictional paper, The Cleveland Preserver. The setting is not only local, it is timely. The first issue, on stands now, takes place on Halloween night.

Armed with bats, switchblades and a pack a day habit, the girls must finish their route along the side streets of the Cleveland suburbs while contending with the older high schoolers out for trouble. They soon find themselves in over their heads when they tussle with a group of robed freaks that look like Sloth from Goonies with bioelectric appendages.


Writer, Brian K Vaughn, of Y: The Last Man and Saga, keeps the small story from spinning into the nethers of generic sci-fi by closing the first issue with an intriguing mystery. As their attackers flee, the girls find a curious device left behind- a modern-day iphone. The art by Cliff Chiang is expertly rendered and crisp, matching perfectly with the story’s tone. The pitch is fresh enough to keep me coming back with hopes that the modern-day iphone left behind in 1988 will bring the story to modern-day Cleveland as well.



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