Pressure Top 10: Reasons Scene’s newsstand boxes are missing

According to Scene magazine someone is out there swiping their newsstand boxes (it wasn’t us, we swear) So join us once again as we rip off David Letterman with this week’s Top 10

*all in good fun, Scene

Top 10 reasons Scene’s newsstand boxes are missing

10: They make great chicken coops

9: Start of Presidential administration’s crackdown on “fake news”

8: Back page sex hotline workers retrofitting them as phone booths

7: Used as barricade to block bus line around Public Square

6: Mayor Jackson’s answer to solving reports of rising crime and murders

5: Scraped by Dan Gilbert to finance his glass facade

4: Used as affordable studio apartments for Westsiders

3: Actually Transformers out fighting Deceptacons in Parma

2: Used as Brown’s first round draft pick

…and the number one reason Scene magazine’s newsstands have gone missing…

1: The patient revenge of the Cleveland Free Times!


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