Beeps, boops, whistles and clangs; perhaps some of the noisiest games ever made, those upright bowling machines, tucked into the corners of all the choicest watering holes, are the unsung heroes of our Friday nights. So here are the Pressure Life top 5 spots to practice your micro 7-10 split in Cleveland.

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5) The Harbor Inn- 1219 Main Avenue; Cleveland, Ohio

One of the older bars in Cleveland, Harbor Inn is known for is affordable cuisine and strong dart game, but its ten pins are no slouches either.

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4) Bobby O’s- 16013 Detroit Avenue; Cleveland, Ohio

Patrons who gave reviews of Bobby O’s were terse but direct: “nice dance floor, quaint, strange crowd, good darts and games, cheap and fun” Like the bar itself, the reviews are not flowery, rather, a bare-bones appraisal of a strong contender.


3) ABC Tavern- 1872 West 25th Street; Cleveland, Ohio

A fixture of Ohio City for the past 20 years, ABC reopened in 2009 and hasn’t thrown a gutter ball yet.

2) Iggy’s- 13403 Madison Avenue; Lakewood, Ohio

Above a “dive bar” while still flying under the radar of swankier establishments, Iggy’s finds a happy medium and a relaxed atmosphere that is not only great for live music but ten frames as well.

1) Prosperity Social Club- 1109 Starkweather Avenue; Tremont, Cleveland, Ohio

Considered “cool, but not pretentious” by, Prosperity is on the upswing, balancing a trendy clientele without sacrificing familiarity.



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    Buckeye TapStack has a machine as well!

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