Okay you hooligans, the Euros are here and that means soccer, I mean futbol, I mean quidditch? Whatever you call it, it’s back in style and most likely playing at a bar near you. Now, if you’re like me and didn’t even know what the Euros were two weeks ago, you might need some help finding the right watering hole to get your “GOOOAAALLLL” on. With that in mind, here is Pressure Life’s Top 5 Bars to watch the Euros…


5) Mullens on Madison (Lakewood, 17014 Madison Avenue): A cozy dive that boasts the best name of all time, M on M is a watering hole for locals that makes up for its lack of size in its lack of price. Cheap in all the best ways, Mullens is the place to go for a no-frills night out of brass tacks drinking


4) Flannery’s Pub (Cleveland, 323 East Prospect Avenue): Spoiler alert, they’re an Irish pub. Not your quiet speakeasy, Flannery’s is always jumping. Located smack dab downtown, next to the Flats, you’ll be sure to find some action within. This isn’t a place to unwind and take in a game. This is a place to holler and cheer, to raise a glass with dozens of equally drunk and rowdy soccer fans.


3) Rusty Barrel (Westlake, 27026 Center Ridge Road): I’m talking about the bar, not the sexual maneuver involving a ferret and greased headboard. This place loves soccer. Just listen to that name. Is there anything more patently English than a “rusty barrel”? I haven’t tried them yet, but high talk of their chicken wings has traveled far.


2) Old Angle (Cleveland, 1848 West 25th) This place drips with European charm, and not just because it boasts a shepherd’s pie that knows no peers. Gone are the sterile plastics and impersonal polished chromes of facile hipster bars. Old Angle is built with stone and wood and the exposed interior wears its construction with pride.

old angle

1) Merry Arts (Lakewood, 15607 Detroit Avenue): This is be all end all stop for soccer fans. Merry Arts wears their ‘across the pond’ love on their sleeve and are not afraid to show it. Stop in for a pint and a game and take in the raucous crowd. Curiously enough, one of their claims to fame is their bangin’ tacos. Just don’t ask for sour cream (trust us, it’s a thing.)



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