The Wizard World Cleveland Comic Convention was held last week at the downtown Convention Center and Pressure Life was there. We’ve already featured a comprehensive round-up of the event, as well as an exclusive interview with Star Trek’s, Brent Spiner. Here we countdown the top 5 moments of the three day extravaganza.


5) Yodas: Although far from necessary, it was a welcome treat to find stocked cash bars flanking both ends of the convention floor. In addition to a selection of beers, liquor and wine, the show’s signature drink was the Yoda. A pale green concoction of crème de menthe, Bailey’s, and vodka, it was a mouthful of Christmas and the perfect treat to carry you through the fourth, fifth, and sixth laps around the floor.


4) Swag: Any comic con is only as good as its wares. And the Wizard World con did not fail. Sure, there were boxes and boxes comics to go through, but the sheer variety of goods was the real draw. Everything from fresh made fudge and old time sodas, to leather ware, handmade sculptures, knives, swords, shields, old playbills, vintage glasses, autographed vinyl albums and so much more. Me? I focused on stocking up my library with a big ‘ol pile of books which were discounted to an average of 80% off. yeah, I’m frugal.


3) Cosplayers: The MVPs of any convention. It takes a braver man or woman than I to slide into a pair of tights and a wig. But those that commit to the costume have an inarguable stunning affect on the rest of plebeians. There was such an impressive retinue of costumed patrons from a multitude of entertainment one could not turn in any direction without laying eyes on a legend from one particular franchise or the other. And for the most part, they were very willing and eager to pose for photos and say hi.


2) Celebs: Every convention has its talent draw. While Cleveland may not enjoy full casts from whatever the next looming summer blockbuster is, they were able to revel in a wide selection of pop culture icons. The Thursday night press reception saw a panel featuring Jason Mewes and the Green Power Ranger, Jason David Frank, among others. Stars of the Walking Dead as well Dr. Who were in attendance and taking photos. All of the talent were incredibly sociable and made the weekend that much better for their presence.

hard rock 2

1) The Artists: Where would a con be without the art? We had rows and rows of independent artists featuring works in pencils, inks, watercolors, oil, digital media, air brushes, etc. All of  which, were selling phenomenal prints and original pieces for very reasonable prices and all with a grateful autograph. Chief among them was ‘70’s comics legend, Neil Adams. But there was also up and coming artists from all over Ohio who created stuffed animals, designed clothing, and sculptures, that added to the sheer variety of art on display.

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