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Pressure Top 5: Cleveland Cameos in Television

Pressure Top 5: Cleveland Cameos in Television

Robin Adam

Welcome to the inaugural Pressure Life Top 5, our weekly look at the top five what-have-yous in Cleveland lore, legend and ephemera. Today’s top 5- Cleveland cameos in television…


5) Criminal Minds: Season 5; Episode 15; “Zoe’s Reprise”– In this episode, the cast of FBI profilers is brought to Cleveland to investigate a copycat serial murderer. While filmed in LA, Great Lakes Brewing Company as well as the Cleveland Convention and Visitors Bureau sent traveler guides, posters, brochures, and other ephemera to make the crime scene appear more authentic to us locals.

4) COPS Where would Cleveland television cameos be if not for its illustrious appearances on COPS. In 1992 Cleveland held the honor (?) of having five episodes in a row, and another three the following year, featuring everything from domestic abuse, high speed chases, drug busts, showdowns, shootouts and prostitution stings.

3) Buffy the Vampire Slayer Buffy resides in sunny California, fighting supernatural baddies that come from a hellmouth (a mouth to hell, duh) that is positioned under her town. Incidentally, there are repeated references to another hellmouth residing right under our noses in Cleveland. How else can you explain burning rivers, Jimmy DiMora and Art Modell?

2) X-Files: Season 3; Episode 6; “2Shy”– The cases Mulder and Scully covered over their nine seasons together had them traipsing across the country so it was only a matter of time until the weirdness brought them to Cleveland. In this early episode, they track down a serial killer who preys on overweight women on dating sites (and this was before Tinder). Although filmed in Vancouver, much of the streets scenes are reminiscent to the Flats district.

See Also

1) 30 Rock: Season 1; Episode 20; “Cleveland”– Perhaps the greatest love letter to Cleveland, complete with its own show tune, “…dig that sweet Cuyahoga glooooww! … New York and Paris just don’t have the sights you see on Euclid Ave…” Liz Lemon takes a break from the Big City to “flee to the Cle” as Alec Baldwin laments. There she eats lunch with Little Richard in ZZ Tops car at the Rock Hall and even gets offered a job for news station WKYC.

Did we miss any? Have your own suggestions? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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