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Pressure Top 5: Filmed in Cleveland

Pressure Top 5: Filmed in Cleveland

Robin Adam

Cleveland has been the butt of jokes in television and film for some time. At this point, it’s a bit of a hackneyed premise, especially considering how many films use Cleveland as their backdrop for their films. Here are the Pressure Life Top 5 Filmed in Cleveland. (We’re Grandfathering out A Christmas Story. Scandalous! We all know it’s the top Cleveland movie. It’s like retiring Citizen Kane from the top movies of all time list. Let’s bring in some new blood!)

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5) Spider-Man 3: Inarguably the worst of the Toby Maguire Spider-Man franchise. But hey, they filmed a chase scene in the streets of downtown and the city is all the better for it. Without breaking the mold and showing the big budget superhero films work here, we may have not had the much more successful Avengers film here years later. But man, that scene with Maguire walking down the street with “swagger”? Yikes.


4) Welcome to Collinwood: Where would this list be without this love letter to one of the more troubled but charismatic neighborhoods in the city? Watch Clooney and William H. Macy run around Slavic Village, E. 55th, Collinwood and Downtown stealing stuff.

light-of-day3) Light of Day: Okay, not a “top” movie per say, okay really it’s a piece of shit movie. However, it’s weird enough to make the list. Michael J Foxx and Joan Jett are rock ‘n roll siblings, yeah, let that sink in, that romp around scenes in Cleveland Heights and make multiple Cleveland references. Replete with a pre-famous cameo by Akron native, Trent Reznor.


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2) The Avengers & Captain America: The Winter Soldier: Two-for-one here. Perhaps the biggest budget films undertaken in the CLE. I remember passing by the rubble strewn East 9th on my way to CSU back then. I still have a rock from the Avengers set. What’s great here is that for significant screen time, one can point out several downtown buildings and streets before they are laid waste by a horde of aliens of course. Winter Solider, more of the same, but kudos for the return trip. And a big thanks to the Russo Brothers who directed CA:WS and have kept Cleveland in their hearts.


1) American Splendor: A double shot, not only does this film entirely in Cleveland, it is about one of Cleveland’s favorite sons, Harvey Pekar. It won a Sundance and got an Oscar nomination for good reason. This film does the troubled comic writer justice and offers a glimpse inside the mind of one of Cleveland’s most creative.

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